Socktoberfest was a bust!

Socktoberfest was a bust!

Between planning for my holiday, being on holiday and then being ill (properly ill) I’ve done practically nothing to further the cause of “Socktoberfest”.

I did manage to finish the first of my mum’s “Little Child’s Socks” sock, but I’ve not cast on for the second, yet.
lcs 01-11-07

A better photo of the sock, modelled by my pyjama case as usual.

I’m not entirely sure that it’s long enough to fit my mum. Under intense interrogation, she said it was fine, but I’m still not sure. I think I’ll knit the other one with a few more rows in the foot and get her to do a “blind fitting”.


I also made some painfully slow progress on the Boudica sock (pattern now available from Miriam herself).
boudica 01-11-07
I changed the heel from a stocking stitch to a slipped stitch because the yarn is very soft and I want to give it a fighting chance in my shoes!


I have made some decent (if slow) progress on my dad’s Christmas/New Year/Mid-May Birthday present (delete as appropriate, depending on how long it actually takes me).
riker 01-11-07
It’s a saddle-shoulder do-hicky, knit from the top-down using instructions from Barbara Walker’s invaluable tome “Knitting From The Top”.

Photo shows 1 and a bit repeats of the back pattern.

Health (or lack of it)

I developed a new symptom (or possibly a new infection) a few days ago, so not only have I had a very sore throat, aching limbs, vomiting, tummy pain and dehydration, I now appear to have a cold.

(Wistfully) What’s it like having an immune system that works?

I know hearing about how someone else is really ill is as dull as ditch water, but it’s either this or going through the details of my disability benefits tribunal. You can have a vote, if you want!

The one reader remaining says … snoozingaminated

Oh, and Halloween this year? No kids came to the door. RESULT!!!! (fist pump). Word’s got around that I don’t answer or that I give out boxes of raisins (both true).


5 thoughts on “Socktoberfest was a bust!

  1. Sorry you are still down for the count, that stinks =( At least the two pairs of socks you have going are really cool. I really like all the different textures on the first sock. The beginning of your Dad’s sweater is really pretty, too. (I think I’ll make up a pattern and call it Worf – not that I ever saw him in any knits that I can think of – I just want an excuse to say “Worf” a lot)


  2. Much commiseration with the ill health and all that goes with it. I’ve got ME so the knowledge of a working immune system is a distant memory here too. Hope the tribunal goes/has gone well – have you got a CAB or Welfare Rights person to come with you? They can be useful allies. See, I would have been voting for more details about the tribunal!


  3. I took an advocate with me to my mmeting with TPTB. She was great – a slim blonde distraction for the interrogator and she was all over the medical/legal details. I expect you are better now, but I’ll show you my un-immune system if you’ll show me yours!!!


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