Rains. Pours. Etc…

Rains. Pours. Etc…

A short whinge and then some knitting.

I had a cool post sketched out in my head with photos from my Devon trip and a finished sock and things, and then I got another (much nastier) bug at the tail end of the scratchy sore-throat one.

I know.

My immune system both sucks and blows.

So, instead of that lovely post, here’s some rubbish photos of what I’ve been working on since the last time I managed to blog about actual knitting:

lcs 28-10-07.JPG

riker 28-10-07.JPG

Mind that you don’t get too excited now!

Oh, and not being able to have anything other than half a glass of water in 24 hours is fun! It makes you realise that every other TV advert is for food.

And I have an appointment in Manchester on Tuesday, so that should be interesting! Going into Britain’s second city (don’t even try and argue with me on that one), by myself for, the first time ever, feeling like I do?


3 thoughts on “Rains. Pours. Etc…

  1. Well the sock and the other project are looking very well, indeed, but you and your poor bug catching extravaganza! I hope you get much better before your trip. Half a glass in 24 hrs… sad. Get well super soon! =)


  2. Ahhhh…Manchester.
    They have…or had….the most enormous shopping centre I had ever seen in my life. It has/had tiles on it that made it look like a toilet but it had about a million shops and I got lost…no surprises there.
    I bought a book..I remember that…and had lunch in the restaurant at the top.
    Hope you have a better time than you seem to be predicting. And that you don’t get lost.


  3. oh…and a quick question….is the second bit of knitting supposed to look like something that is being hung, drawn and quartered? It will start to look better…wont it?????


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