FO Friday: Cricket Cosy

FO Friday: Cricket Cosy

cricket cosy teapot cover

How cute is this?!

Pattern: Cricket Cosy by Ros Clarke, from p/hop.

[My Ravelry Project Page]

cricket cosy teapot cover
The back


Yarn & needles: Sugar ‘n’ Cream in white (90 m/58 g) and blue/cream variegated (15 m/10 g).

4 mm straights and 3.75 mm dpns

Dates: 24th – 27th Feb 2015

cricket cosy teapot cover
And one more for the road!


  • Only used 1 CC, instead of 2.
  • Worsted-weight cotton instead of DK simply because that’s what I had to hand.
  • Accidental modification of crossing the cables the opposite way. It’s now a design feature.
  • Another accidental mod of leaving off the stripes around the v-neck collar.
  • I’m going to be honest and say that it’s really difficult to get this on my teapot. I don’t know if it’s because of the yarn I used, but it’s really tricky. And it’s not easy to get the lid on, once the cosy is on the teapot.
  • However, it is super cute and I hope it will keep my tea warmer for longer!
WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Duotone Cowl is still plodding along.


And I have a new project

A cricket jumper tea cosy! It’s a p/hop pattern so I’ll be making a donation to MSF (DWB for those of you in the USA) based on the hours of pleasure (hop) I gain from the object.

EDIT: found the link for the teapot jumper!

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UFO Tuesday

UFO Tuesday

Hurray! Actual, visible, progress on the Torirot/Secret Garden mittens.


Not a great deal, I’ll grant you, but moving forward!

These will go back in the box (it’s a literal box) to be worked on another week.

This coming week’s UFO project will be :drumroll:


The Rainbow Changes Shetland Stole. I know! I’d forgotten about it as well!

Now, as this is knitted lace (as opposed to lace knitting) it has yarn overs and decreases on both sides of the fabric. Yet another non-TV/high-concentration project.
Music Monday: Royal Blood (and a swatch) edition

Music Monday: Royal Blood (and a swatch) edition

TURN IT UP TO 11!!!!!

I’m on one of my semi-annual METAL phases and I love, love, love Royal Blood. I’ve listened to their self-titled début album 4 times since I bought it last week (possibly 5 times when this post is published).

Over the weekend I swatched for a new project; a summer-weight cardigan for my mum. Which she requested! I’m glad I was sitting down when she asked! I normally just say “Would you like me to knit you something?” and she’ll say yes or no, but a request is new!

I chose the Honeybee Cardigan by Laura Chau partly because I’ve owned the pattern for years, intending to make one for myself. I’ll be modifying it (obviously) by doing stocking stitch panels at the sides and adding pockets.

Honeybee Cardigan swatch in Patons Cotton 4ply
Ooooh, look at that lace!
Practice buttonholes to the left.

As you can see from the swatch I’m also doing the ribbing/welts in a contrast colour (both colours picked out by my mum).

The yarn is Patons UK 100% Cotton 4ply, a lovely mercerised cotton.


FO Friday: Scrap Yarn Sock Advent

FO Friday: Scrap Yarn Sock Advent

Surprisingly comfy!
Surprisingly comfy!


Pattern: Scrap Yarn Sock Advent 2014 aka Joulukalenteri 2014 by Where We Once Knitted (Neulisti and Vyyhti) [My Ravelry Project Page]


Various scraps of sock-weight yarn too numerous to mention!

The ends! The ends! So. many. ends.
The ends! The ends! So. many. ends.

Weight of finished socks is 88 g so I estimate an approximate total yardage of 350 – 370 m (based off an average of 400 – 420 m per 100 g of sock yarn)

2.25 mm needles for stocking stitch sections, 2.5 mm for stranded colourwork sections.

Strike a pose!
Strike a pose!

Dates: 1st Jan 2015 – 19th Feb 2015

Techniques (those new to me are marked with an *):

  • Knitting in the round
  • Bosnian Toe*
  • Crystal afterthought heel*
  • Stranded knitting in the round
  • Intarsia in the round
  • Mosaic knitting in the round
  • An (unsuccessful) attempt at jogless stripes
  • Twisted rib in the round
  • Duplicate stitch*
  • Russian cast off
Sock A (see list below for details of each section)
Sock A (see list below for details of each section)

Not all of these relate to me directly (some are inspired by family).

  1. Favourite album: Jagged Little Pill [Sock A]
  2. Yarn stash size: 20-50 kg (guess) [Sock B]
  3. Image search of your name: Pink [Sock B]
  4. Closest piece of art: Painting of two sheep in a field [Sock A]
  5. Colour from first letter of mother’s maiden name: B = brown [Sock A]
  6. Country of your birth: England [Sock B]
  7. Internet test thingy: Red [Sock B]
  8. Family: We are all family (and I’m a damn hippie!). My favourite colours of purple and orange [Sock A]
  9. Earliest memory: Lego box covered in black/white checked paper [Sock A]
  10. Favourite carol: “The Holly and The Ivy” [Sock B]
  11. Favourite tree: Silver birch – chart inspired by/adapted from Dogwood socks pattern [Sock A]
  12. Favourite walk: Farmer’s field [Sock A]
  13. Reverse acronym generator: Red [Sock A]
  14. Other hobby: Spinning wheel (chart adapted from Fileuse pattern) [Sock B]
  15. Favourite cartoon: X-Men colours (cartoon/comic version) [Sock B]
  16. RGB birth-date: Dark blue [Sock A]
  17. Chinese zodiac: monkey [Sock A]
  18. Wikipedia random article search: result was Hornick, Cornwall, so did Cornish flag [Sock B]
  19. Favourite flower: Red roses  – chart from Rose Mitts [Sock B]
  20. Favourite socks are purple, so yellow [Sock A]
  21. Favourite cartoon character: Leela from Futurama (purple for her hair) [Sock A]
  22. Sports team colours: Yellow and blue [Sock B]
  23. Favourite constellation: Orion [Sock B]
  24. Colour from comment section: Forest Green [Sock A]
Sock B (see list above for details of each section)
Sock B (see list above for details of each section)