FO: Lune Shawl mark 2


I made this out of yarn I spun myself! How awesome is that!?! (Hint: pretty awesome).

Pattern: Lune Shawl by Miriam L Felton from Twist & Knit [My Ravelry Project Page]
Yarn & Needles:

Yarn hand spun from Wooly Wonka Fiber’s “Wine Club 2011″. Cupcake Wines-inspired merino/silk blend in “Summer Breeze” colourway. Worsted short draw singles, Navajo/Chain-plied. Finishing: washed/soaked, dried horizontally (no weight). Approx 300 m.

4mm, 4.5mm and 5mm needles (all circular)

A note on the yarn.

I started spinning the singles on my spindle during Tour de Fleece but realised it would probably take me into next year to finish. I moved to my Bliss TT wheel for the remaining 2/3rds of the fibre. As a result of this, the first third of the yarn is much thinner than the rest. I knew this so I planned to start the shawl with the thinner yarn (on 4 mm needles) and finish with the thicker yarn (on the 5 mm needles).


You can see the change in yarn weight quite well here (thinnest at the top, thickest at the bottom).

My plan was always for a thicker yarn so I’m glad I didn’t do the whole lot on the spindle!


As per my previous Lune Shawl I made the central panel in moss stitch (US: seed st)


Hmmm….. texture …

Used this Yarn Harlot “emergency” crochet cast off so I could use all of my yarn without having to guess how much I needed for the cast off. This is not an elastic cast off. I wouldn’t recommend it for any kind of lacey knitting, but I just about got away with it for this shawl.


You can see the cast off pulling the lower edge.

This is how much yarn I had left!


Phew! Close call!

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Music Monday: These boot (Socks) are made for walking

And the socks? This is the first of a pair (well, hopefully a pair) of boot socks made from some handspun Corriedale fibre.
Looks really weird off the foot due to the instep and leg stitches being in a 1/1 rib but it does fit. See?!

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UFO Friday

Well, now I’ve got the Winter 2015 commissioned knitting done I’ve turned back to my abandoned projects! My aim is to work on one or two each week until I’ve finally finished them. Or made up my mind to abandon them all together (already done that this year).

So, the first UnFinished Object to be resurrected is the “Iznik, I heart you” shawl I started back in … woah … March this year!

iznik clue 2 mid row 55

Paused mid-row 55 (Clue 2)

As you can see, I paused mid-row to photograph my progress. Or lack of it.

Just got to keep plugging away, I suppose!

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Wordless Wednesday

HdF 2014 Day 17 2014-21-07

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Ten on Tuesday: Freestyle Edition

Heelllooooooo possums!

Explanations for my extended absence below but I just wanted to say hi first!
This week’s “Ten on Tuesday” topic was “10 cars you’ve owned”. I don’t drive, never had, and I don’t think I’ve even owned ten toy cars, so I’ve decided to just riff!

So, here we go.

10 things I’ve been doing instead of blogging:

  1. Make a lot of chutney. A lot. A lot. Seriously. Anyone want some chutney?
    :whispers: so much chutney.
  2. Also a lot of jam.
  3. So. many. runner. beans.
  4. And courgettes.
  5. Also secret knitting (1 thing I can show you in November, one in January and the third in March!!)
  6. Spinning fibre into pretty yarn!
  7. Getting a weird bug that made me lose 4 kg of weight in 2 weeks. Effective form of weight-loss, but not really recommended!
  8. Caring duties.
  9. Enjoying a rather lovely summer and early autumn (yes, I know it’s only autumn today, shuddup!)
  10. Catching up with some older TV programmes (thank you Netflix*) while knitting secret stuff and spinning not-secret stuff!

And to make up for all of the WORDS today, come back tomorrow for a Wordless Wednesday. Well, that’s the plan. Maybe it’ll be another two months!

Come for the knitting, stay for the infrequent and random posts! :D

*Not affiliated.

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Music Monday: Queen edition

A bit of a last-minute one but I’ve been busy finishing this fibre and turning it into yarn!

A light DK-weight 2-ply mixed BFL yarn.

A light DK-weight 2-ply mixed BFL yarn.

All details on my Ravelry stash page.

Anyway, in keeping with the Tour de Fleece/France theme…


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Hoar de Fleece: the first week

(There is a mosaic gallery of images at the top of this post. If you can’t see it via your RSS reader or email, click through to open the blog post in a browser)

Following the “fun” of last year’s Tour de Fleece contest over on Ravelry (don’t ask or post-dive if you want to know), the “mean girls” set up our own no-stress, challenge yourself, spin-a-long with Le Tour. Hoar de Fleece!

I hadn’t so much as looked at my spindles or fibre since 2011 but I thought I might as well give spinning another twirl (haha, I’m so punny).

I’m doing pretty well, I think!

Click on any of the individual images above to see the whole photo.

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