Nothing says early summer like …

Nothing says early summer like …

A black, long-line waistcoat in a bulky wool yarn:

A completed back and front, plus a front-in-progress leading to the unravelling jumper

Or a sock-weight wool shawl:

Summer Mystery Shawl: Behind as always!

Or stranded colourwork fingerless mitts:

You can see the thumb gusset emerging as pin-stripes!
Spinning Sunday

Spinning Sunday

Well, it’s “Spinning and a bit of knitting Sunday”

I’ve nearly finished plying the blue/purple-stuff-with-lumps-of-silk-and-random-bits-of-other-colours-in-it fibre on the plying spindle my dad and I made.

Plied yarn: Skeined and on the spindle

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Swings and roundabouts

Swings and roundabouts

Such is the life of a chronic!

I’ve been quietly knitting away on some things and attempting to sew some more things.  I’ve been hanging around online, and generally making a nuisance of myself. I’ve joined my first ever book group!

Right, photos or it didn’t happen!

Proposition entrelac armwarmers in Mean Girls Yarn Club September yarn (wool/bamboo/nylon mix)

No, it really is that colour!


I’ve been making slow progress on my mum’s top-down chunky cotton chenille cardigan

Hate the yarn, love the recipient.


Oh, how I hate this yarn …

So as an incentive I bought some lovely Aran-weight yarn from an independent dyer based just over the border from me in Yorkshire.

I was looking for some yarn for my Watershed cropped vest and found Wharfdale Woolworks on Folksy.

Aran-weight wool in September Song colourway


Rubbish photos, but I think you get the idea!

I’ve made an accidental modification to Watershed which I’ll talk about in the FO post but, as Tim Gunn would say, I’m making it work!

No promises as to next post schedule but let’s just say I hope it will be sooner rather than later?!