Watershed Update

Watershed Update

Now, with added photos!

I managed to stand upright long enough to hang my camera from a washing line (seriously) and take some modelled shots of Watershed.  Not my best work, but better than nothing?

Sidebar your Honour: I used to be really shy about my upper arms and would try to hide them all the time. At some point during one of the two weeks of scorching-hot-summer we have here I decided to say f**k it.  I’m much happier about this now.

FO: Watershed

FO: Watershed

Ripply collar be gone! Slightly later than I’d anticipated due to illness, present-knitting, the Advent scarf, more illness and my inability to follow a pattern correctly I present:

I accidentally knit the bottom edging in stocking stitch instead of garter but I liked it enough to keep it!

I worked the side edging in garter as per the pattern but altered the back lace to be in stocking stitch with garter edging to match my “design element”!

I can see this being a good seasonal-transition piece as well as excellent for layering (I’m all about the layering!).

The yarn is from an independent dyer I found on Folksy and although it’s not in my normal colour range (yellow and bluey-green!) I really like it.

I’d previously blogged about the problems I had with the back-neck having too much fabric in it but this was very easily fixed and I think you’ll agree, it’s improved the fit.

There were lots of ends to weave in and I felt some of this could have been eliminated.  For example, the underarm stitches are left “live” and you are then instructed to pick up stitches around the armhole and immediately cast them off.  If I’d had more confidence I would have cast off the underarm stitches at the point where you divide for the front and back, which would have eliminated two ends to weave.

I didn’t follow the instructions for the armhole but instead found a crochet edging which mirrored the “spiky” nature of the lace pattern and used that instead.

Pattern: Watershed by Amy Swenson [My Ravelry Project Page – no membership required to view]

Yarn: Wharfedale Woolworks BFL Aran in “September Song”. Approx. 450 yds used.

Size: on the advice of the designer I made the 38″ size so it would fit my back and not be too loose.


  • Knit bottom lace in stocking stitch instead of garter (accidental mod)
  • Worked back lace pattern in st. st. to mirror bottom lace
  • Crochet edging around armholes



reading all the blog entries I missed while having my teeny, tiny little, massive health crisis. I am reading ALL THE THINGS but I may not get around to commenting.


everything else.  Watershed has been blocked and tried on and now … I’m waiting for the light to be good enough to photograph it.  I’ve got all the sexy close up shots done but just not the modelled ones.


Blooming KAL started today and casting on 339 stitches took quite a while.

I’m working on some UFOs (Knotty gloves and Entrelac arm-warmers).

FYI: feeling much better. Much, much better. May even be concious for the university open day on Wednesday!




Would you like some cheese with that whine?

Unless you’re some sort of crafting genius and everything you touch turns to gold (in which case, GTFO) you will have experienced that low, slushy feeling of finishing a project and realising something is wrong.

It could be you’ve cut the fabric wrong for a dress (done that) or forgotten the sugar in a cake (done that one as well).  It could even be you cast off, put the garment on and it does this:

Watershed FAIL; bathroom mirror shot

As a cowl neck, it’s great.  As the back neck edging, it’s full of fail.

Floppy 😦

I checked Ravelry and it seems that this is all my fault because no-one else has mentioned it.

I followed the instructions (I think.  I hope) and I still managed to mess it up!

So, courage in hand, I ripped two pattern repeats from left and right and re-knit.  I removed one pattern repeat each side by doubling the attachment rate and it fits much better.

I ripped out 2 repeats (marked by black circle) and re-knit 1 repeat attaching at twice the rate (finished shown on right of photo)

Watershed is now thinking about what it’s done and having a damn good blocking.

FO photos once I’ve found a trowel with which to apply my make-up so I look vaguely human.

In happier news, I can successfully crochet with lace-weight yarn

Pretty yarn is pretty
And you thought I was particular

And you thought I was particular

More on that at the end of the post but …

Sorry for the extended silence (like anyone missed me) but this ‘flu had a sting in the tail and it knocked me flat again.  Knew my recovery was too good to be true.  Not a lot of knitting/crochet done but here’s what I have managed to achieve:


No progress worth photographing, but I’m now done with the waist decreases

Watershed (thought I’d forgotten about this, didn’t you?)

I’ve now finished one side of the attached collar and started on the other side.

Crocheted contest item

I made a second one because I ran out of yarn on the border of the first and I really need to make sure you can make it with a set amount of yarn.  So the one I showed last time is now the prototype/chef’s privilege.

Blooming KAL swatch

After some heavy photo manipulation to try and get the true colour here it is:

I messed up a couple of parts of the stitch pattern but it’s more-or-less there.  It looks better with the light shining through so please excuse the ultra-glam photo of the swatch being held in place on my vertical blind by hair clips!

… you haven’t met my mum…

She is a speshul snowflake angel of the highest order. And I mean that in a nice way!

I’ve given up on the chunky chenille CARDIGAN OF DOOM (more on it’s fate in a future post) and instead I’m making Enid from the Winter 2006 issue of IK.

The prescribed yarn (Reynold’s Whiskey) is a sport-weight 100% wool yarn and I may have found a yarn which fits with her requirements.

Mostly cotton or acrylic.  Dark and versatile colour. MACHINE WASHABLE (that one’s very important). And not going to break the bank.

Come on down …

Sirdar Click DK in Deep Blue!!!

70% acrylic and 30% wool.

I’ll be digging into my DK and sport-weight stashes to work the circles on the yoke so I’m ready to go. What are my chances of making it for her birthday at the end of March?  Yeah, I know.  You can stop laughing now!