UFO Tuesday

UFO Tuesday

First, a quick refresh of the memory.
Here’s where I started with the Birch stole two weeks ago:

14 days ago ...
14 days ago …

And here’s where I’m up to now:

Birch entrelac stole, almost at the half way point.
Birch entrelac stole, almost at the half way point.

I’m going to go ahead and add this to my WIP pile since I have now memorised the lace pattern (and almost memorised the side triangles).

So, I now have a vacancy in the “UFO slot”. Please welcome the Iznik I Heart You shawl:

I Heart Iznik shawl status as of 31st March 2015
Iznik, I Heart You shawl status as of 31st March 2015. Terrible photo.

Terrible photo, but you get the idea! It’s lace knitting with beads so it is not TV-knitting. This is “Sitting bolt upright in a chair with good lighting and maybe a podcast on but absolutely no TV” knitting.  Hence the UFO status!

We shall see whether the next 7 days can add to my progress on this potentially-lovely piece of knitting…

UFO Tuesday

UFO Tuesday

Well, here’s how I’ve done in my first week of “UFO into WIP” (I need a snappier title), with the Exploration Station Shawl:


Shawl at the start of last Tuesday
Shawl at the start of last Tuesday


Last section now under way.
Last section now under way.

Not bad, huh?

Because I’m perilously close to finishing this, I’m going to switch to another UFO1 and move the shawl into WIP2 status.

And this weeks “winning” project is…? :drumroll:

The next "victim" of my UFO-elimination plan
The next “victim” of my UFO-elimination plan

The Torirot Mystery Mittens  aka Secret Garden mittens, started in January of 2014. Wish me luck!

  1. UnFinished Object 
  2. Work In Progress 
UFO Tuesday?

UFO Tuesday?

I’ve come to the conclusion, after tripping over yet another half-finished project that should be in the WIP Ottaman, that I have too many UnFinished Objects.

The plan is to shame myself into working on them by picking one UFO per week and working on it for 7 days, then switching to another UFO. I’m hoping that this technique will stop me from getting bored (a perennial problem). We shall see…

This week’s project hasn’t been a UFO for very long, but it still counts! It’s the Stephen West 2014 mystery shawl, Exploration Station.

I worked on it a little last night, so here’s where it is as of 11 am-ish today.

stephen west mkal2014 WIP5

I’m going to alternate the UFO of the Week with any WIP (Works in Progress). Again, in theory!

UFO Friday

UFO Friday

Well, now I’ve got the Winter 2015 commissioned knitting done I’ve turned back to my abandoned projects! My aim is to work on one or two each week until I’ve finally finished them. Or made up my mind to abandon them all together (already done that this year).

So, the first UnFinished Object to be resurrected is the “Iznik, I heart you” shawl I started back in … woah … March this year!

iznik clue 2 mid row 55
Paused mid-row 55 (Clue 2)

As you can see, I paused mid-row to photograph my progress. Or lack of it.

Just got to keep plugging away, I suppose!


UFO Wall of Shame: February 2014 Edition

A UFO is an UnFinished Object, usually in the context of a fibre craft.
I was doing some moderate redecorating recently and as part of that, I sorted through the ottoman where I keep my works in progress. Well, that’s the idea, anyway. In truth it’s a repository for UFOs and the top of the lid is where the WIPs live.

Without further ado, here’s my Wall of Shame.

(There is a gallery of images next. I don’t know if it will show up in your feed reader. If it doesn’t, hop on over to the full site. Ta)

Reading from left to right and top to bottom we have:

  1. The overview.
  2. Birch entrelac stole (not really TV knitting because of the turn and the lace!).
  3. Advent 2010 scarf (I’ve only got 4 more days/patterns to do. Good job, because this thing is HUGE).
  4. Corelli crocheted laceweight scarf (it was a mystery crochet along. Not sure what I was thinking but I’d abandoned it and had planned on ripping it out. I’ve changed my mind and will, at some time, pick it up again).
  5. Knit and crochet hexagon blanket (yet another blanket).
  6. Knotty gloves (all it needs is a thumb. A thumb. What the hell is wrong with me?! Don’t answer that).
  7. Two not-really-UFOs (I haven’t started them) that were in the box; a cowl to match my Mini Argyle hat/mittens and a crocheted washcloth.
  8. torirot mystery mittens.
  9. Leaf it Alone socks (my own design that are finished apart from weaving in ends and tacking some things down). I’m hoping to release this as a pattern and I’m being cagey in case I submit it somewhere.
  10. Liquorice & Nougat socks (my own version of my Strawberries and Cream pattern).
  11. RaeAnne crocheted wrap top (didn’t realise how much I’d done on it!).
  12. Rainbow Shetland stole (this doesn’t see much action because it’s knitted lace – i.e. lace patterning on every row).
  13. Rooiboos/Swartboos long line waistcoat (just one armhole and the neckline welts to do).
  14. Fall Anniversary 2012 shawl (this is supposed to be a gift for someone in return for a knitting-related RAK. Good job they don’t know I’m doing this!).

You’ve already seen one item that has gone from UFO to FO (finished object) status in the Trilobite socks. Let’s see how many more I can knock off this list!