Not a divorce, just a separation.

Not a divorce, just a separation.

Now, me and Tubey haven’t really been spending a lot of time together recently. Other projects, both newer and older, have come between us. I’ve finally realised why; it’s just not working out.

I was planning on making it into a cardigan, and I’d already modified the sleeves, but it just wasn’t holding my interest. I have an idea for the yarn, but that’s way in the future. So for now, it’s going back into the stash.

Is this good news? Yes it is. This means I’ve freed up my Denise needles set so I can start this top:

Cotton Angora top design (mine)

cotton angora top design
The sketch

cotton angora top text
The start of some actual numbers

My inspiration came from Ms. Marigold and a design by Stef Glampyre. As soon as I’ve finished my dad’s :cough: birthday :cough: scarf, I’ll cast on. My dad’s birthday is in May. It’ll either be really early, or really late.

Sewing? Not really.

I made this electric-blue fleece scarf:

fleece scarf 1
fleece scarf 2
The easiest scarf in the world!

I think it took me a maximum of 5 minutes (4 of which were taken up with trying to find my scissors!) It’s a perfect kids project because as long as you trust them with scissors, you’re good to go!

I heart Craftster!

Check out what I got in the Hogfather swap:

hogfather swap 001

Many more pictures are here. I didn’t do anywhere near as much as this for “ZaftigMomma”, so I’m actually going to make her something that was on my original plan, but that I didn’t think I had enough time for.

I’ve cast on for the “Iris Garden” socks, and I managed the toe in two days (something of a miracle for me lately). Emma – I don’t know if the Snake Skin Socks a.k.a Scaly Skin Socks pattern is available outside of the Yahoo Group. The designer is Michelle Fischer over at Soap Fiber Gal, you could ask her I suppose.

Oh, and I have shiny new hair. More on that cliched blog-fodder later!

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Stuff I can’t show

Stuff I can’t show

Great blog-fodder, isn’t it! I’m working on a propsal for a book – I’m pretty sure it was a targetted email to knit bloggers, but I took the bait!

Stuff I can show:

Despite the Royal Fail’s best efforts, my first Craftster swap has concluded with the delivery of this bag of goodiesstar swap 2

The (not really a) Mystery Shawl makes it’s first appearance here since … does a quick search of own blog … THE NINTH OF NOVEMBER LAST YEAR!!! Slap me with a kipper and call me a slacker! Don’t really – I’m vegetarian!

Mystery shawl 26-09-06
This was from a Yahoo Group (now defunct) where you got a clue every couple of weeks and attempted to keep up. Obviously I have failed miserably, but it’s still a nice shawl!

Also making a return appearance is Tubey (last mentioned on the 23rd of June this year):

Tubey 26-09-06

I’m at about elbow length and working a 3/1 rib down to the wrists.

That’s all for now, I think. Not much time for sewing becuase I’ve been helping my mum with some serious gardening (it involved a pair of lopers!)

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I so do knit!

I so do knit!

Great, arguing with myself. I blame the weather!


What’s wrong in this picture?

Tubey 24-05-06 1
A closer look?
Tubey 24-05-06 2

Yup, I stood on the needle and pulled it out. It’s been like this for about 5 days now, and I still haven’t done anything to fix it. I blame the weather.


Second sock is motoring:

SLLS 24-05-06

Although I did managed to frell up big time in the patterning. Some rows I forgot to do the lace pattern and then I realised that I was patterning on the 3rd row instead of the 2nd!

You know what I blame? The film “Phone Booth” – despite the slightly distracting accent from Colin Farrell, it was a good movie.

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Big Girl Knits: a mini review

Big Girl Knits: a mini review

“The girl on the cover’s cute!” – thus speaketh my brother. I think that Amy and Jill will now rest easy knowing that the model they chose has my brother’s seal of approval!


08-05-06 001
Tubey Sleeves as of 8th of May

I decided that the bell sleeves weren’t for me, but I couldn’t be bothered doing the necessary maths to do a shaped sleeve. I decided that starting the 3/1 ribbing at the elbow would probably do the job quite well.

08-05-06 002
3/1 ribbing

Stuff from the last post:

You know, until I got those two comments about the paper-clips-as-stitch-markers I’d forgotten that I use them! They only work for diameters less than about 4.5 mm (I think that’s a US 7?), but they’re perfect; they don’t slip under your stitches, if you get coloured ones you can deliniate different sections, and they’re cheap! For needle diameters greater than 4.5 mm, I tend to use my homemade markers or just some differently-coloured yarn.

Science & Knitting News:

The Perils of Cheerleading (!)

A DNA Cable and lace tank top (so cool – I’ve got to have me one of these!)

Space ship “cloaking device” proposed.

The Summer issue of Interweave Knits looks promising (steady, April, I know they’re not you’re favourite people in the world right now!)

Sorry about the smilies-as-bullet points. I can’t do an ordinary list because of the formating that comes from the blog template. Blah … blah … blah … tech stuff that’s probably sent people to sleep!

A little sneek-peek:

This is a new design for a women’s cardigan (i.e. for me) in Sirdar Denim Chunky.

It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while now and this is what I’ve done so far:

Clickable to make bigable:

08-05-06 004
08-05-06 006
Knit-side as right-side (lace more visible)
08-05-06 003
08-05-06 005
Purl-side as right-side (more texture for the stocking stitch and lace more subtle)

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I’ve started sneezing like a pregnant Bajoran

I’ve started sneezing like a pregnant Bajoran

This can only mean one thing – spring has sprung!

I hate my row gauge!

It’s causing me all sorts of problems at the moment. Tubey is taking forever to knit, and it doesn’t feel as if I’ve progressed at all. The same goes for the socks. I know I’ve made progress on those because I use markers in my work to show where I started in a session.
However, this gauge of mine is causing me something of a headache when it comes to doing the maths for the Acorn pattern. Row and stitch gauge are both important, and so I want to get this right. Not that I’m complaining about having to do maths. Sometimes, if I’m bored, I do long division or quadratic equations. For fun. I’m too sad for words!

EDIT: I’ve done pretty much all of the maths on Acorn now, and it’s not as bad as I’d thought. Woo hoo!!!

Argyle Scarf:

Compare and contrast with the last photo.

19-04-06 002

Thrilling isn’t it!

This is the chart I made for it (I used Open Office, but other spreadsheet packages are available):

Argyle Scarf Chart


I know I’m making progress.


Tubey 25-04-06
25th of April

tubey 12-04-06 010
12th of April


Found via the Crochet Me newsletter – crocheted hyperbolic space models.
Tom Cruise is still freaking me out (no links – if you don’t know why, just google and freak your own good self out!)
David Blaine to live underwater for a week (just a week? Can’t you make a tad longer? Like 30 years?)

And why, you may ask, hasn’t there been as much knitting progress as there should be?

My index card file:

25-04-06 005

The ones as the back are blank, but the rest of them (all 50) are scientific papers that I have to read, analyse, and place into a coherent format. Yeah – good luck with that!

Sorry about the Star Trek: Deep Space 9 reference. Actually, I’m not really.

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