Before I post a selection of photos

from the 200 I took in 5 days, I’d like to share my travel-related wisdom.

Actually, this is more for the future me, but if you take anything from it, let me know!

•    Take more clothes (yes really) especially thin tops to wear in the evening. Trousers/skirts can be re-worn since you’ll be sitting down most of the time.
•    Scope out supermarkets/shops near-by before you go.
•    The Co-op meal deal is a life (and money) saver
•    Always take the “Kag-in-a-bag”
•    It doesn’t matter what other people think of you
•    Be flexible
•    Don’t be afraid of resting. You’re on holiday and you don’t have to do anything.
•    Always take a sun hat and a woolly hat.
•    Take 3 pairs of shoes (excl. flip-flops/slippers) – at least 2 smart/casual pairs
•    Flip flops for the shower/room are a very good idea
•    Take a microfibre towel
•    Having your camera in a pouch-on-a-belt was a good idea.
•    Have more confidence and ask for the wi-fi password on the first day.
•    You can manage to go up and down 5 flights of stairs twice a day, but don’t be afraid of resting every flight.
•    Your walking stick looks like it has Smarties on it.
•    Take your hair straighteners
•    Always take a small multi-band radio
•    Take 2 knee braces – that was a good idea when your knees seized up
•    Milton sterilising tablets and cleansing wipes = good idea.
•    Headphones = very good idea
•    Only take 2 knitting/crochet projects. Any more and you won’t work on them.
•    Sunglasses = very good idea
•    Keep road map in day bag for all journeys so you know where the hell you are
•    Take as much underwear as days of holiday plus 1. It was nice knowing you didn’t have to wash something.
•    2 water bottles + 1 fruit juice + 2-cup flask = great idea for travelling down and back.
•    £10 per day food and drink budget is reasonable and achievable.
•    Keep £10 in change for tips at end of holiday. £5 for a 5-day holiday seems to be the going rate for tipping the coach driver.
•    Separate cosmetics bag worked well.
•    Find another 6-in-1 lipstick/gloss thing. The one you have now smells rancid.
•    Get an inflatable neck pillow.
•    LIPSTICK! Need some.
•    Check all items are still usable/functional BEFORE you go away cf: foundation and sunscreen
•    Take a facial astringent cleanser and don’t rely on facial wipes to clean make-up off.
•    At least 1 of your 2 crafting projects needs to be simple enough to be worked on when not looking at it e.g. plain/simple sock.

The Galloway Peninsular

Howdy! Long-time no blog! I’ve been busy recently and a bit stressed, so I treated myself to a weekend away. I went to the Galloway peninsular in south-western Scotland (it’s the bit that sticks out into the Irish sea and is just 20-odd miles away from Northern Ireland).

Apart from getting stuck in a traffic jam for over two hours that resulted from a fatal car crash (can’t really complain, I wasn’t dead and I got some knitting done) the trip went well.

Here are a few photographic highlights (the full set is here):

IMG_3443 (by dyedinthewool)
Portpatrick shrouded in early morning fog

IMG_3454 (by dyedinthewool)
Wigtown – Best. Bookshop. Ever.

Seriously, it was like a TARDIS in there – seven kinds of awesome!

IMG_3455 (by dyedinthewool)
Kirkcudbright (pronounced ker-koo-bree) showing signs of spring

365:095alt (by dyedinthewool)
Thank the gods for the Co-op – I bought a make-shift picnic lunch and ate it overlooking the harbour at Kirkcudbright. How British is that?

IMG_3479 (by dyedinthewool)
The Mull of Galloway (most southerly point in Scotland) and its lighthouse – stunning place. Very, very windy (obviously!)

IMG_3500 (by dyedinthewool)
Feeding some mountain goats in the New Galloway Forest – their eyes look just unreal!

I need some travel advice

If you could go somewhere with Winter sun (April – avoiding Easter) within a 2-3 hour flight of Manchester (UK) where would you go?

This would be for me and my grandmother (the one I visited in January), so nowhere with giant hills and no buses!

It needs to be somewhere with good/extensive public transport.

I know a few words of Spanish and a few phrases in French, but no Portuguese.  I’m sure I’d be able to pick up a few essential phrases before I go, so that’s not too much of a problem.  I’m kind of ruling out Northern/Eastern Europe because, you know, no sun!

So far I’ve quickly looked at Barcelona, Mallorca, Southern France, Corsica or maybe Malta (but I’ve already been there, so maybe not!).  I’m after personal experiences (where you loved, where you didn’t, not necessarily limited to the places I’ve picked out) or places you want to go, but haven’t.  I’m also open to tour operator/airline/hotel recommendations.

Back but busy

How’s that for alteration?!

I worked frikin’ hard in sorting through one small portion (4 full filling cabinet draws of papers going back to childhood) of my grandpa’s paper work, but it has inspired me to plough through my own “stuff” so no-one has to curse me under their breath when I’m gone.

I got one afternoon of tourist-time and my grandma took me to a couple of my favourite places




I did get some knitting done (not much, but the odd round or two watching TV and on the train did add up)


Photo taken on the train home

The socks are the only things I’m actively working on now because I’m designing a top for the Ample Knitters and that’s taking up quite a bit of my brain right now. The visit has put me back about 2 weeks, but the list have been quite understanding about it!

With that in mind, I’m probably not going to be blogging much in the next couple of weeks, but I’m a month in to the Project 365 thing (a self-portrait every day for 365 days) and I’m still “doing” Plurk if you want to see what I’m doing with my non-blogging time!

Smile? Not flamin’ likely!

So apparently I should smile more?

I was really not well when I managed to get the photos done. If you look at them, you’ll see that most of them are me leaning against a rather solid wall!

Besides which, I laugh. A lot. I just don’t smile (see the end of the previous post to see why). My “neutral” facial expression is what’s in the pictures. Unfortunately, it makes me look like a moody cow!

Anyway, mini-relapse aside, I’m off on holiday on Monday. I’m going to the south coast of England (to the county of Devon, to be precise) for 5 days. It’s called “The English Riviera”. It looks like it might rain. Seems about right!

October holiday journey map
The probable route from home to holiday. I’m back this Friday.

I toyed with the idea of casting on a new “holiday” project, but then realised I have more than enough to be going on with and I never get any knitting done anyway!

So, my mum’s socks (Little Child’s Socks from Knitting Vintage Socks by Nancy Bush) will be accompanying me.

Assuming I can remember how long her foot is.

Oh, this could be interesting! 😀

I will bring you clotted cream, scones and hopefully sunburn!

P.S. I had my ‘flu jab today as well. Ouch.