A new technique for the new year

A new technique for the new year

I hadn’t gone out of my way to learn a new knitting technique; I just happened upon one!

This is the Bosnian Toe from the Crystal Socks pattern that I’m using for the Advent Socks.

SYSA WIP toe start
You start with a stocking stitch tab (similar to the garter tab start in some shawls), pick up stitches around that, and then work in the round.

I chose to do a temporary cast on using the cable of a circular needle as my “waste yarn” (the bottom cable in the photo above). This way I only have to pick stitches up along the sides.

SYSA WIP toe start 2

And this is the finished toe:

Looks a bit weird out of context…

FO Friday: Corriedale Boot Socks

FO Friday: Corriedale Boot Socks

I’m really pleased with how these turned out.

PatternGusset Heel Basic Socks (yes, them again!) by Wendy D. Johnson from Sock From The Toe Up [My Ravelry Project Page]

Oh yeah, I rock the Birks and socks look. Rock. It.

Yarn & Needles:

  • Handspun Corriedale wool [part of the Wooly Wonka Fiber 2011 Wine Club] (approx. sport weight). Spun on Bliss TT wheel. Singles: s-twist. Plying: Z-twist Navajo-plied. Worsted short-draw. High twist. Approx. 200 m(?) used. I spun the fibre as I found it; no pre-drafting or splitting to manage the colour.
  • Two 2.75 mm circular needles, 60 cm long for “two circulars” technique.

Dates:  27th Sept –  2nd Oct 2014

Hmmm… gusset ….

Size: To fit 8.5″ circ foot, UK shoe size 6.5

Notes & Mods:

  • This is my favourite sock pattern for sport-weight yarns. I love the way the heel fits and I can (almost) make it with my eyes closed!
  • I went with a very simple K1/P1 rib to give maximum comfort in-boot.
  • You may notice that I’ve shown these with purl-side-out. This is because it’s how I wear the majority of my socks. I have precious snowflake angel soles.
  • The cuff is pretty short, but I don’t like a tall sock for walking/working boots.
  • I made the sock using the inside strand from a centre pull ball but did the heel turn/flap (it’s not really a flap) with the outside strand of yarn. This is partly to preserve the colour sequence but also future-proofing against needing to replace/repair the back heel.
  • The Corriedale is not next-to-the-skin soft, but I’m hoping it will do okay for a hard-wearing outer sock.
In “action” as, ya know, boot socks.

My “pattern” if anyone is interested:

JMCO: 8 sts per needle
Inc EOR to 48 sts (inc = kf/b)
4 rnds st st (inc 1 st centre instep sts last rnd)
1/1 rib, beg w/ p1.
50 rnds to gusset incs
Inc to 44 sts on sole ndl (70 rnds in foot).
Finish heel w/ outside strand. K one half rnd. Break yarn.
K same half rnd again with inside strand.
Work 4 rnds, k back leg sts & 1/1 rib front sts.
On 5th rnd, inc 1 st centre back sts.
40 rnds in leg (all 1/1 rib).

Another languorous look at the heel.
The long and short of it

The long and short of it


“Surely it is folly to knit knee wool socks in July in the Northern Hemisphere”, I hear you say.
“Nay!” I reply (because apparently this heatwave has made me go all posh) “for come winter I shall have toasty warm calves and ye shall not!”

No, seriously, I don’t think this heat is doing anything for my brain. For my joints and general well-being, only good things though.

Running on fumes

Running on fumes

Note: this is my draft post, but I’m so tired at the moment, that I’ve decied to leave it as-is! Enjoy!

Ill (again) – relapse – slight recovery – physio (made me hurt, but will make me better)

Widdershins – Christmas – mum

widdershins 18-12-07 1

Brother’s birthday pressie (yarn only)

pressie yarn

No. of Christmas cards written: 0

No. of Christmas presents wrapped: 4

No of Christmas presents still to wrap: at least 7 (not including those ones I haven’t finished making yet)

No. of brother’s birthday presents wrapped: 0

Average no. of hours of sleep per night: 6

No. of hours needed: 14!

I’ll be back when the socks are done (hopefully before Christmas day, but you never know with me!)