WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Quick post today

Making excellent progress on the Terraform scarf

Terraform 22nd Oct 2014

Ideal TV knitting!

But I’ve rather stalled on the colourwork sock.

new sock design 22nd Oct 2014
Again, showing the inside of the sock, because this is how I knit colourwork (colorwork!) in the round.

I’m now having doubts about the design and my ability to make a good quality pattern for my own semi-self-imposed deadline. But it would be for a great cause. I’m unsure, is the long and short of it!

WIP Wednesday: new, current and old edition

WIP Wednesday: new, current and old edition

First, the current:

Still working on my new sock design.

new sock design 15th Oct 2014
I knit stranded stuff “inside out” when working in the round, so this is wrong side.

The new:

Terraform 15th Oct 2014
A Terraform scarf (by Cheri McEwan) in some Mean Girls Yarn Club sock yarn that’s been marinating in my stash for a while.

I needed some mostly-mindless TV knitting and this fit the bill.

And, finally, a very old UFO.

swartbos WIP 15th Oct 2014
BEHOLD THE RETURN OF SWARTBOS!!! It’s Rooibos from the Winter 2009 edition of Knitty.

According to my Rav project page, I started this in May 2011. Twenty eleven!!! All I had to do was the ribbing on one armhole, the front bands and sew the pockets closed. sigh. At least I’m actually working on it now!

FO Friday: Neon Time Traveller Socks

FO Friday: Neon Time Traveller Socks

neon time traveller socks fo1

The yarn is all my dad’s fault. And the fault of some of my Facebook friends for posting about this fabulous NEON!!!! yarn from Regia. The pattern is very straightforward and wonderfully uncomplicated. The fit appears good (but no modelled shots, sorry) and the irregular rib pattern made for a semi-mindless project. All-in-all, I’m very pleased with the whole thing!

Pattern and project: Time Traveler Socks by Liz Sedmak. My Ravelry Project Link.

Yarn and needles:

  • Schachenmayr Regia Fluormania Color in 07189 (green/yellow/light blue/dark blue), purchased from Black Sheep Wools (no affiliation, just a satisfied customer)
  • Sock/fingering/4-ply
  • Approx 98 g used (420 m/460 yds per 100 g ball)
  • 75% new wool, 25% nylon
  • One 2.25 mm circular needle, 80 cm long, for magic loop technique
neon time traveller socks fo3
Heel detail

Dates and dimensions:

  • Mar 10th – Apr 24th 2014
  • Made size Large; 9.5 – 10 inch foot/leg circumference
  • 26 cm/10 inch foot length
  • 16 cm/6 inch leg height

Notes and modifications:

  • Knit 1st sock until 53 g of yarn remained. Ended up with between 2 and 3 g remaining
  • Russian cast off at cuff
  • 11 rnds of 1/1 ribbing in cuff
  • No major modifications at all!
neon time traveller socks fo2
Showing uneven rib on leg and Russian Cast Off/Bind Off

(c) 2014

Music Monday: Kate Tempest plus new design sneak-peak

Music Monday: Kate Tempest plus new design sneak-peak

I *love* this song by British singer/rapper/songwriter/poet/novelist Kate Tempest (hey, leave some talent for the rest of us to mop up, Kate!). It’s a good job I like it because they play it a lot on BBC 6Music (the place where I first heard the track).

Here’s a quick peak at a new sock design I’m working on (for release in November, if all goes well).


It’s stranded colourwork, designed for women and/or men, and will be fully charted.

Ooooohhhh….. can you stand the excitement? Oh, you can? Carry on then!

FO Friday: Corriedale Boot Socks

FO Friday: Corriedale Boot Socks

I’m really pleased with how these turned out.

PatternGusset Heel Basic Socks (yes, them again!) by Wendy D. Johnson from Sock From The Toe Up [My Ravelry Project Page]

Oh yeah, I rock the Birks and socks look. Rock. It.

Yarn & Needles:

  • Handspun Corriedale wool [part of the Wooly Wonka Fiber 2011 Wine Club] (approx. sport weight). Spun on Bliss TT wheel. Singles: s-twist. Plying: Z-twist Navajo-plied. Worsted short-draw. High twist. Approx. 200 m(?) used. I spun the fibre as I found it; no pre-drafting or splitting to manage the colour.
  • Two 2.75 mm circular needles, 60 cm long for “two circulars” technique.

Dates:  27th Sept –  2nd Oct 2014

Hmmm… gusset ….

Size: To fit 8.5″ circ foot, UK shoe size 6.5

Notes & Mods:

  • This is my favourite sock pattern for sport-weight yarns. I love the way the heel fits and I can (almost) make it with my eyes closed!
  • I went with a very simple K1/P1 rib to give maximum comfort in-boot.
  • You may notice that I’ve shown these with purl-side-out. This is because it’s how I wear the majority of my socks. I have precious snowflake angel soles.
  • The cuff is pretty short, but I don’t like a tall sock for walking/working boots.
  • I made the sock using the inside strand from a centre pull ball but did the heel turn/flap (it’s not really a flap) with the outside strand of yarn. This is partly to preserve the colour sequence but also future-proofing against needing to replace/repair the back heel.
  • The Corriedale is not next-to-the-skin soft, but I’m hoping it will do okay for a hard-wearing outer sock.
In “action” as, ya know, boot socks.

My “pattern” if anyone is interested:

JMCO: 8 sts per needle
Inc EOR to 48 sts (inc = kf/b)
4 rnds st st (inc 1 st centre instep sts last rnd)
1/1 rib, beg w/ p1.
50 rnds to gusset incs
Inc to 44 sts on sole ndl (70 rnds in foot).
Finish heel w/ outside strand. K one half rnd. Break yarn.
K same half rnd again with inside strand.
Work 4 rnds, k back leg sts & 1/1 rib front sts.
On 5th rnd, inc 1 st centre back sts.
40 rnds in leg (all 1/1 rib).

Another languorous look at the heel.