FO: Leaf it Alone socks

Leaf it Alone Socks
Leaf it Alone Socks

Pattern: My own toe-up pattern (with standard gusset incs and heel flap).

MC: Easyknits Sushi Roll in Vlad. 330 yds per roll (used almost all of it).

CC: Posh Yarns Jeannie Sock in Froggy Went A-Wooing (remnants of Mad Eye Moody Socks)

leaf it alone socks fo1


  • Used Judy’s Magic Cast on with CC.
  • Continued CC through socks with simple intarsia-in-the-round technique.

leaf it alone socks fo5

  • On one sock I moved the green “stem” stitches across with the main fabric with cable-like moves and on the other I inc/dec either side of CC yarn.
  • Stems moved at random but in same general direction across the foot and then around the leg.
  • Included calf shaping
Calf shaping and standard heel flap
Calf shaping and standard heel flap
  • I never blogged about these in case I wanted to send them to a magazine for publication, but I’ve decided to either self-publish or just not bother at all! If I do write them up, they would be a paid pattern because there’s quite a bit of work involved (for me, anyway!)
  • Added a free-floating lace leaf at the end of the stems, and tacked it down at the point to the ribbing.


Leaf knitted at end of stem and tacked down
Leaf knitted at end of stem and tacked down


The Great New Year’s Eve/Day Cast On Event!

That’s a very long-winded way of saying NEW PROJECT TIME EVERYONE!!!

I’ve decided to do a bit of a scrap-yarn-down and the Scrap Yarn Sock Advent Calendar 2014 pattern fits the bill.

I’ve already got each of the days planned out (the advantage of not playing along in real time) so I can get all the yarn sorted in advance. Well … that’s the theory, anyway.

All the yarn for the Scrap Yarn Sock Advent pattern. Some yarns will be used more than once.

The yarns in the centre are for the toes, heels and ribbing (rather than try and match all of  the other yarns I decided to try and match none of them!).

I could knit sock A first and then sock B, since I’m not playing along in real-time, but I think I’ll stick to the order laid out in the pattern.

WIP Wednesday

Quick post today

Making excellent progress on the Terraform scarf

Terraform 22nd Oct 2014

Ideal TV knitting!

But I’ve rather stalled on the colourwork sock.

new sock design 22nd Oct 2014
Again, showing the inside of the sock, because this is how I knit colourwork (colorwork!) in the round.

I’m now having doubts about the design and my ability to make a good quality pattern for my own semi-self-imposed deadline. But it would be for a great cause. I’m unsure, is the long and short of it!

Music Monday: Kate Tempest plus new design sneak-peak

I *love* this song by British singer/rapper/songwriter/poet/novelist Kate Tempest (hey, leave some talent for the rest of us to mop up, Kate!). It’s a good job I like it because they play it a lot on BBC 6Music (the place where I first heard the track).

Here’s a quick peak at a new sock design I’m working on (for release in November, if all goes well).


It’s stranded colourwork, designed for women and/or men, and will be fully charted.

Ooooohhhh….. can you stand the excitement? Oh, you can? Carry on then!

A late WIP Wednesday

Back pain can really suck the joy out of the day, can’t it? That and the strong pain killers I took combined with lack of sleep from the night before made me very much zombiefied. Anyway…

Here’s the beaded shawl;


No progress on this for a couple of weeks now due to Other Things.

Here’s the tapestry. Not going to finish it before the end of the month!

I cast on another pair of socks for my dad (he chose the yarn!)

And here’s a shot from a few days ago, in better light;

And lastly;

Attempt number two at learning to drive will begin soon!

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