UFO Friday

Well, now I’ve got the Winter 2015 commissioned knitting done I’ve turned back to my abandoned projects! My aim is to work on one or two each week until I’ve finally finished them. Or made up my mind to abandon them all together (already done that this year).

So, the first UnFinished Object to be resurrected is the “Iznik, I heart you” shawl I started back in … woah … March this year!

iznik clue 2 mid row 55
Paused mid-row 55 (Clue 2)

As you can see, I paused mid-row to photograph my progress. Or lack of it.

Just got to keep plugging away, I suppose!

30 Day Photographic Challenge: Days 11-13

DAY 11: Something Blue

Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock in "Devon"

DAY 12: Sunset

A lack of actual sun forced me to get creative!

DAY 13: Yourself With 13 Things

1: Mandala, 2: Swan Lake, 3: Bitterroot, 4: Cracktus, 5: Clapotis, 6: Aestlight, 7: Lune, 8: Clapotis, 9: Flowing Rivers/Moss Shawl, 10: Lotus Blossom, 11: Citron, 12: Summer Mystery Shawl, 13: Aestlight

That’s … interesting …?

as my mother would say when I handed her a plate of my early “cookery”.


See? Spoilers!

If you’re knitting the “Laceless” shawl from Strange Knits the following post contains photographs of a border. A lace-less border. Knit (!) in sock-weight yarn. In two colours. You’ll have to contain your own excitement.

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Know when to fold ’em

Nb: This post has been ready to go since last Monday but between a birthday to celebrate, a rather unexpected consequence of my antibiotics and obtaining a new washing machine I just haven’t had the motivation to upload and edit some photos!  I’m also scrabbling to catch up on other people’s blogs. Everyone on stand-by!

I think one of the most important abilities as a crafter is knowing when to give something up as a bad job.

I decided that I would never wear a chunky-weight, black raglan jumper with a boat-neck which rolled.  I would, however, wear a long-line chunky-weight waistcoat with pockets!

Exit: Weekend Pullover.

Wave bye-bye!

Enter: Rooibos! (roy-boss)

Left front and start of back

Well, since it’s black and not red let us call it Swartbos (black bush, svart-boss).

I’ve retained the hood of the sweater intact because I may add it to the waistcoat once it’s finished (keeping it detachable as it was in the Weekend Sweater).

At 12 sts to 10 cm, this is not a slow knit! I finished the left front in 3 days while working on other craft projects.

The spinning is progressing (nothing worth showing) as are my three shawls. No, that’s not a mistake! Alongside Taygete and Sakaki, I’ve cast on for the 2011 Anniversary Mystery Shawl from Goddessknits (Yahoo Group now closed so the link is to Ravelry).

Not a great shot! Halfway through clue 1

The yarn I’m using is from ilLOOMinated Yarns and is dyed using walnuts! As evidenced by this photo, I can confirm that this is a truly natural product!  This is what sloughed off when I was winding the yarn.


The yarn is more of a cobweb than a true lace weight so when blocked this shawl will be very delicate and feather-light. Can’t wait!

And of course Wendy has started a mystery KAL for sock-weight small shawl and …. well, let’s just say I like scarves and I have a lot of sock yarn!

How I keep track of the various decreases

Orange = SSK, Green = K2tog, Pink = double decrease

and where I was as of yesterday evening:


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