Innie or Outie?

Innie or Outie?

snow queen shawl centre 2 (by dyedinthewool)

I’m calling this one an outie!

This is something new for me; the bellybutton centre start.  I found excellent instructions on TECHKnitter’s blog and at Two Sticks and Some String.  As you can see

snow queen shawl centre 1 (by dyedinthewool)

I’ve yet to take courage and take out the waste yarn and synch up the centre.  If it all goes Pete Tong (site NSFW) I’m sure you’ll hear the screams from where you are!

The pattern, Snow Queen Shawl, is a mystery KAL on Yahoo run by BatCatDesigns (group is now closed to members but I think the pattern will be available to purchase at the end of the knit-along) in the same cobweb-weight, oiled yarn I used for my Swan Lake Stole.


I’ve continued to work on my squares for the Block-a-Month crochet-along and you can see the ones I’ve finished so far on this page of my blog.

My favourite so far is this Little Dahlia square worked in pure wool Aran with a 5 mm hook

little dahlia aran (by dyedinthewool)


Project 365:

I’ve completed my first month on the second round of Project 365 (one photograph every day for 365 consecutive days) and here’s how/what I did

Project 365 January 2010 mosaic (by dyedinthewool)

A health news update:

Thank you for the well-wishes about my recent clumsiness.  So far (fingers crossed, touch wood) February has been much kinder to me than January.  I’ll keep you posted if that changes!

Project 365: I made it!

Project 365: I made it!

Can you Adam and Eve it?

For three hundred and sixty five days in late 2008 and most of 2009 I took a photograph of some part of me.

Rather than face you with all of them all at once (I’m not that cruel) I picked 12 of my favourite shots.  Some (like the one of me in front of the lighthouse) are happy memories and others (like the magnifying glass lips) I really like artistically.

365 Round 1 pick (by dyedinthewool)

Twelve of my favourite shots from the first round of Project 365

1. 365:022, 2. 365:033, 3. 365:045, 4. 365:061, 5. 365:096, 6. 365:159, 7. 365:182 L is for, 8. 365:132 H, 9. 365:224, 10. 365:317, 11. 365:333, 12. 365:358

Created with fd’s Flickr Toys

If you’d like to view all the photos I took, the Flickr set is here.

Being a sucker for punishment, I took the decision to start Round 2 on the 1st of January 2010.  To make the photos easier to access, I set up a blog here.  The theme is really cool because it changes colour based on the photographs (have a play with it!)

Can the contemporary anesthesia bring harm to our body?

Can the contemporary anesthesia bring harm to our body?

Title courtesy of my spam folder on googlemail!

Hello, long time no see! What have I been up to since my last post? Well, some combination of illness (mine or someone else’s), unexpected family stuff, and knitting.

I seem to have been knitting on my Ample Knitters Knit-a-long design since January.  Erm, that would be because I have!

ak design 29-04-09 (by dyedinthewool)

No details yet, but I’ve finished two fronts, a back and one sleeve.  Just the other sleeve and the back neck band to go (and a little seaming) and then I can put the finishing touches to the pattern.  I’ll be a month late on the promised date, but given the health and family problems I’ve had during the year so far, it’s not too bad!

baud4 (by dyedinthewool)

I’ve knit a little more on my Baudelaire sock, but I’m thinking that the yarn wants to be a simple, plain, toe-up sock.  As luck would have it, guess what arrived last week?

365:128 (by dyedinthewool)

Socks from the Toe Up by Wendy of wendyknits fame!

I’ve kept up with Project 365 (me holding the book is one of them) and am, at time of publishing, on day 133 but I wanted to share the day before’s shot;

365:132 H (by dyedinthewool)

And that’s not even half of my hat collection!

Take care of yourselves and don’t do anything to swine that you might regret in the morning! 😉

Don’t knit cables while distracted

Don’t knit cables while distracted

Why? Because this happens:


Can’t see it? Compare to the pattern and have a look at this


That cable is supposed to go under, not over. I wondered why it didn’t look quite right. I now have a dilemma; do I make the same mistake on the second glove or do I actually pay attention to the pattern this time and do it right. I’m not afraid of asymmetry, and would anyone actually notice if they were different? On the other hand …

Photo Projects:

I’ve signed myself up for Project Spectrum: Cardinal Directions (see the page I’ve set up for more details – eyes top). For March and April the theme is North (green, earth, minerals).

PS North mosaic

1. IMG_3327, 2. IMG_3326, 3. IMG_3313, 4. IMG_3311, 5. IMG_3287, 6. 365:076

I’m also still going with the self-portrait Project 365 (a photo a day for 365 days) and here’s my mosaic for February;

365 feb mosaic

Knitting Projects:

As well as the Knotty Gloves, I’m still working on Guided by Love socks as well as my Ample Knitter’s design and I’ve added a pair of Baudelaire socks to the pile


Oh, yes!  Sorry to keep you in suspence about the holiday thing!  Turns out my grandma might not be able to fly (and if she can, she might find getting insurance nearly impossible).  She does have a back-up plan of Pembrokeshire (Wales) which she can drive to!  She wasn’t keen on the Barcelona idea, so I’ve decided that I could do that myself at some point in the future.  Thanks for the advice anyway, and I’ll certainly add a couple of those places to my “must see” list (it’s getting longer, not shorter!)

Amy can’t come to the blog right now

Amy can’t come to the blog right now

I’m currently (as in, when this post is published) in Welsh Wales.  My exact location is kept secret for reasons of national security (or because I can’t remember how to spell it).

In order that you poor, poor people don’t get Amy-withdrawal here are the first 3 weeks (and one day) on project 365 for you to enjoy:

first 22 days of 365

1. 365:022, 2. 365:021, 3. 365:020, 4. 365:019, 5. 365:018, 6. 365:017, 7. 365:016, 8. 365:015, 9. 365:014, 10. 365:013, 11. 365:012, 12. 365:011, 13. 365:010, 14. 365:009, 15. 365:008, 16. 365:007, 17. 365:006, 18. 365:005, 19. 365:004, 20. 365:003, 21. 365:002, 22. 365:001

I worked out that my one-month anniversary would occur while I was away, so this will do instead!