EDIT: my image server decided to have a day off (again) so I’m transfering some of my stuff over to Flickr.

That’s right people, I have a finished object!





Probability tank top - back


Please excuse some of the body-only shots. I was having a bad head day!

Pattern: Berroco Caroline Tank Top
Size: I worked it as the smallest size (33″) and with the gauge difference it worked out perfectly to fit around 42-44″.
Yarn: Rowan Cork (discontinued) in Hearten (an already discontinued shade anyway). I used about 7 balls, maybe 6. I started off with 15 balls and knit this with some of it. I used most of what was left.
Needles: US 11 Denise Interchangeables.
Notes: I used probability to determine whether each of the cables would cross front or back. See this post for more details. I wasn’t super happy with the 1/1 rib at the sides, but hey – can’t have everything! There is a mistake in the pattern with the final number of stitches that are left on a holder for the next band (they’ve overestimated).


Here is what I have on the needles right now (a shorter list than I’d thought):

  1. Mystery Shawl 2 [lace]
  2. Amble Socks [texture]
  3. Martha Lace cardigan [lace]
  4. Wendy wools pink lace cardigan (been a WIP since Moses was a lad so it can wait a bit) [lace]
  5. I do shrug (still not cast on for the second half) [lace]

Here’s what I need to start for Christmas/Somebody’s Birthday:

  1. A cable cardigan for my mum [texture]
  2. Something from MenKnit for someone[plain] (no names here, just in case. Wink, wink!)
  3. 2 pairs of Cigar gloves from Knitty.com [plain but with fiddly bits]
  4. A scarf and a pair of fingerless mittens for A Friend. [plain]

I’ve joined the Peaceful Palms KAL over at Nona’s to help me keep motivated with points 3 and 4.

Things I’d like to start (just for me):

  1. Rogue (how long have I been threatening this?) [plain but with complex cables]
  2. Picovioli [plain]
  3. Ubernatural [plain]
  4. Some more socks just for me [1 pair plain for TV knitting & 1 pair interesting for my sanity].

Suppose I’d better crack on then!

Joke of the week

Joke of the week

There are 10 Types of people in this world, those who understand binary and those who don’t.


Sparten pickings here, I’m afraid.

Progress on the probability tank (armhole shaping done and dusted):

I’m working both at the same time, because they are identical and I am lazy time frugal.

And a new and (supposedly) quick project, Aunt Alm’s Dorm boots.

I’m using 100% wool DK that I dyed myself. That is half of the garter stitch soles. My current slipper socks/TV socks have worn through the heel three times, so I thought I should treat myself to some more!

I hold out zero hope that I’ll finish the Amble socks before the end of the month (I only have half of one sock at the moment), but I can see the end in site for my revision which always means more knitting time.

In good, university-related news I’ve passed the continuous assessment part of both my courses, so I just need 40% or more in the exams to pass the courses as a whole. However, the level of the pass of these courses will determine the class of my degree. I was hoping for a 2.2, but I may end up with a 3rd class*. Given what I’ve had to battle through to get even to this stage (a tale for another time) I think that’s something of a minor miracle!

My first exam is two weeks on Friday, so you might not see another post from me before then, but don’t worry. I’ll probably be bashing my head against a book in a vain attempt to force the information into my brain!

*In the British Degree classification, the top level is a 1st, then a 2.1, 2.2, 3rd or fail. I don’t know if this is the same or different for other places.

What’s a girl to do?

What’s a girl to do?

With lace-weight merino, anyway!

I bought the Bella Lace Poncho pattern at the same time I got the Lotus Blossom Shawl pattern. I have a huge cone of grey/black slubby lace yarn which I was planning on making it with. I now have more than enough olive merino to make two of these, but I’m procrastinating! I’ve requested “A Gathering of Lace” from my library, so I’ll have a look at these patterns and see if anything grabs me. If you have any totally favourite patterns for shawls (or stoles, or ponchos, or wraps….) would you mind sharing? I’m not above buying a pattern if it is “IT”. I do have 4 x 980 yds of the stuff, so you can go big!

Oh, Caroline!

And now, for something new!

It is impossible to photograph this colour in any light. It’s like a deep blood red, but in all the pictures I take of it the colour is always more orange!?

This is a straight-up-and-down cabled tank from the free patterns section of Berroco, knit in the Rowan Cork left over from my “Grandad jumper“.

For those not interested in mathematics and probability, look away now!

OK: a straight cabled tank ain’t the one for me. I need a little excitement. So, using my knowledge of maths I went for probability-based cabling.

Here comes the science! For each cable (4 per side, 8 in total) I have a choice of CB8 or CF8 – one option out of two. What has two of something and if you use it, you can only get one result? A coin! If you toss a coin an infinite number of time, half will land with heads, and half will land with tails – with me so far? A coin has a probability value (P) of 0.5, where P=0 is never happens and P=1 is always happens. For example, the chance of the sun rising in the morning (assuming you don’t live in either of the polar circles) is 1 and the chance of me waking up and finding out that I am a fly is (I hope) 0.

I’ve kept the cable crossing on row 9, as per the pattern, but whether or not I cross forwards or backwards depends on the toss of a coin.

I’m liking the way it’s turning out, so far, but I think the true impact will only be seen once it’s full-sized and off the needles.


It’s getting colder and knitting with a harsh 4-ply cotton is not fun, but I’m keeping going. The problem with knitting a me-sized garment on 3 mm needles with a 4-ply yarn is the lack of visible progress. I know I’ve knit more than the last time I took a picture (I can see the difference and can count the pattern repeats) but seems like I’ve got miles to go. This is, after all, only the back of the blinkin’ thing. I’m getting seriously tempted to shove it to the bottom of somewhere deep and forget about it until spring, but then I’ll probably never pick it up again. :Le sigh: – onwards and upwards it is then!

Random whinging stuff.

  • Bl**dy neighbours who wont pay twenty flipping quid to a plumber for unclogging a dodgy shared drain that just happens to be in my disabled parent’s back garden (which means they have to go through the stress and literal mess of it all and may end up subbing some people).
  • My incompetence in the general sock-making area (see entry below)
  • The more I revise, the more I realise just how little I’ve learnt during the year, the more upset I get with myself.
  • The more I revise, the more tired I get ….

D’ya get the picture?
Sorry for the moan – I don’t normally vent but apart from Skittermagoo Chris’s socks arriving this morning it’s been a pretty crappy day. I am so over me right now (apart from the cable tank – that’s going really well!) I’ll cheer up after the 17th of October. I promise!

EDIT: I just got the last assignment back that I did for the oceanography course and I got 73%. Needless to say, I’m feeling better!

To show this, here’s a picture of the sky for Sandy.