Yarny Goodness

Yarny Goodness

Well, if I use it up, I have to replace it, right?

I’ve successfully spent all of my Christmas and Birthday money from my grandmothers and here are (some of) the results:


Top to Bottom: Gothic Rose (that I’m affectionately calling Zombie Rose), Midnight Tempest, Tornado. From Krafty Koala.


At-frickin’-last, I remembered to order this book!  I’m a little happy.

The rest of the “stuff” will be arriving in April when they are released. Want to wait until then to find out?

Anyway, the Tornado (bottom in the photo above) has been immediately put to work making one of these;


Hopefully I’ll get around to making the other Knotty Glove!  This is my first actual glove with 4 fingers and a thumb.  No, really.  All the other hand-coverings I’ve made have been mittens or had some or all of the tips of the fingers missing.  I haven’t knit the pattern exactly as directed (now there’s a surprise!), but I’ll detail my modifications in the FO post.

Speaking of one half of a pair


I finished the first Guided by Love sock.  It’s very comfortable to wear and the Braille on the cuff is a great touch!  And before someone asks, no I won’t send you a copy of the pattern.  Yes, I’ve been asked.

Great comments on my Class of 2005 “award”.  Something was nagging at the back of my brain that I’d been blogging since 2004 and I was right!  The 8th of October 2004, to be somewhat more precise.  I’ve not really celebrated my blogging anniversary, but maybe I should?

UFO Thursday

UFO Thursday

Or I Have Nothing Else to Show You But My Dad’s Cardigan and That’s Getting a Bit Dull.

Note: this post originally started out as “UFO Monday”. Yeah. Life got in the way. It nearly ended up as UFO Monday again! Enjoy!

P.S., Yes I know it’s Friday and my title says Thursday.  It’s been a long week!

I am a perpetual starter.

I love the rush of a new project, new discovery, new yarn and a new pattern. I knit like woman possessed for about a week and then … it … all … just ……..

As a consequence, I have some abandoned safely stored projects.

I did a review of them a while back but for my own mind, I wanted a more comprehensive survey of what I have and what there is to do on them.

The frustrating thing about my lack of attention to these projects is that the majority could be done in a fortnight (or even faster) if only I concentrated on them, one-at-a-time.

So, here’s the run-down!

Swan Lake Stole

swan lake stole 25-04-08

Completed: Charts A to H

To Do: Charts I and J. Wash seventeen times to remove the rancid oil smell and block this mo’fo’ to hades.

Really looking forward to finishing this. Even if I never wear it, it’s a frickin’ work of art!

Mystery Shawl 3/Moss Shawl

mystery shawl progress 25-04-08

Completed: Main body of shawl, and over half of edging.

To Do: remainder of edging, blocking.

Started this in 2005. That’s not a typo. See that crescent shape on the left-hand side of the photo? That’s all the border that I have to finish. Apparently I don’t want to wear this shawl.

My mum’s Little Child’s Socks

lcs 01-11-07

Completed: 1st sock

To Do: Rip out toe of first sock, extend the foot length by a couple of centimetres, knit second sock.

Made the foot too small, so I put it away to think about what it had done. Then I nicked the needles I was using for something else. I’ll be giving these to my mum in summer. Yeah.

My On Your Toes socks

onyourtoes 12-03-08

Completed: 1st sock

To Do: 2nd sock – easy, right?!

1st sock took me practically no time at all but I just haven’t got around to casting on for the second one. I suspect this will be the first project back on the needles after I’m done with my dad’s cardigan.

Strawberry Joe hat

strawberry joe 26-03-08

Completed: 7 repeats

To Do: 2 more repeats, graft ends together. Wear. Style.

I need to concentrate on this project because of the patterning and the short rows. Should be pretty easy to finish in a day or two.

Camo Convertible Mittens (were for my mum, are now for me).

camo mittens 25-04-08

Completed: 1st mitten and some ribbing on the second

To Do: remainder of second mitten

Too big for my mum, so I made her a pair of Fetching mittens instead. Really like the pattern and they’ll be perfect for me when I venture out into the real world!

Boudica Socks

boudica 1 finished

Completed: The first sock

To Do: the second sock (duh!)

Love this pattern and the sock fits amazingly well. I need to pay attention with these socks, so the first one took me forever. Concerted effort needs to be applied for the second!

Modular Lace-up Tank Top from Elann.com

modular top progress 25-04-08

Completed: 6 tiers on smaller sized needles

To Do: 7th and final tier on smaller needles and 3 more tiers with larger needles, upper bodice modules, garter stitch edging, and fastening treatment.

I stopped liking this for a while and was considering ripping it out, but I think I’ve fallen back in love with it. The squares take very little time to knit so I think setting a target of a few squares a day and it would be done in no time!

So, all-in-all, not a bad number of unfinished items, but more that I would like. As soon as I’ve finished my dad’s cardigan (the fronts of which are nearly complete, by the way), I’m going to work on a design or two, so it will be the ideal opportunity to knock a couple of these on the head.

Wow. Chatty, aren’t I? I’ll keep it brief next time. (Yeah, right!)

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No, I trust you

No, I trust you

Those were the words uttered by my dad upon being asked if he wanted me to check the design of his Aran jacket with him.


I like to name the stuff I design, because calling something “My Dad’s Aran Jacket” takes up too many words and too much energy! Hence forth, it shall be known as Riker. As in William T. Riker. From Star Trek.

I like to think that in his time off from Captaining a starship, Riker would scoot on over to a log cabin and throw on a replicated aran jacket.

What do you mean it’s weird to imagine sci-fi characters doing that sort of thing? It is not!

riker aran swatch
L to R: Box st., Lobster Claw, Noughts and Crosses, Barley Twist, Rev. st. st. (my names for them!)

These are the patterns I’ve picked out, and it’s now a matter of getting the maths right.

One slightly good thing about all the stuff recently was that I got my dad’s measurements for the garment.

Little Mum’s Socks:

lcs 24-08-07 1 lcs 24-08-07 2
Thanks to my Bagpuss pyjama case (what?!) for the modelling

I’ve been going along quite nicely on these now. I checked with my mum whether or not she wanted the sock smooth in her shoe and she said “Yes”, thereby making my life a little easier! For my own tastes, I would have continued the pattern onto the instep, but I’m making these for her, not me.

Modular Tank:

For want of a better name for it, the tank is coming along nicely.

modular tank 24-08-07

I’m on tier 6 of 7 in the smaller needles. You change up sizes to knit the lower three tiers on the bodice.

It’s fairly repetitive, but that’s what I need right now, especially since the universe decided it would be quite funny to give someone (my mum) with TMJ (temporomandibular joint syndrome), laryngitis and to have the infection go into their jaw. Universe? I’m not laughing!

Mum’s socks: Plan B

Mum’s socks: Plan B

Way back when (on the 6th of August), before what politicians euphemistically call “recent events” I mentioned that my mum told me she didn’t need any new socks for a while.

I had great plans for clothing her feet, and her next pair was going to be an adaptation of the Tropicana socks from Magknits in Sock It Too Me Puzzle.

I changed my mind.

I decided that if these were going to be the last pair of socks in a while, I’d better go all-out and go for the tried and tested – Regia Silk and Nancy Bush.

The Little Child’s Sock didn’t speak to me when I saw it in Knitting Vintage Socks – I think it was the awful turquoise-coloured yarn – but I saw Stacey’s version in green and that was much more like it! I then spotted another green pair over at Flickr and tracked them down to Mustaa villaa (Black Wool in Suomi).


Progress from the 12th of August to the 17th.
lcs 17-08-07 2
Flat – looks ugly
lcs 17-08-07 1
Modelled on my arm – much better!

Added later:
I composed most of this post during Wednesday morning. That evening, my dad received a phone call from “She Who Will Not Be Named” informing him that my grannie was being released from hospital the next day. Great for her. Not so good for my dad.
Despite having been told by the doctor just the day before that he had laryngitis and he must rest for at least a week, my dad offered to pick her up and stay with her until the weekend.

I also wanted to say thank you all for all your good wishes and thoughts for my grannie and the rest of my family. I don’t know if you believe in the power of prayer/thoughts/good vibes (there have been studies and counter-studies proving and then disproving it) but it helped me to cope, and the good news is it looks like my grannie will be able to live independently for the immediate future.