This Ravelympics thingy was just the kick up the knit I needed to get going on those languishing projects.

I have a tendancy to start new projects without finishing the old ones – a case of “ooh, shiny!” – and I seem to think that the older stuff will somehow get completed.  By whom?  The magic knitting faries I employed have gone on strike (something about poor conditions and not enough “good” yarn) so I’m guessing it’s down to me!

Having finished my Strawberry Joe hat (thanks for the compliments, by the way) I decided to concentrate on my Swan Lake Stole.

For those will long enough memories, you may recall that this started out last year as the Mystery Stole 3 Knitalong.  To MrsDrWho it’s known as “The Stinky Grey Thing” because of it’s oft-blogged machine-oiled aroma.  To me, it’s been the albatross around my neck!

If I’d know that I just need a little motivation to get this thing on it’s way to being finished I’d have picked it up sooner!  Probably!

I’m charting my progress on a(n almost) daily basis on my Ravelympics 2008 page, but here’s a quick summary:

  • 09/08/08: 3 rows completed on Swan Lake Stole (220 sts in total, 6628 sts remaining)
  • 10/08/08: Swan Lake Stole – 21 rows completed (1914 sts in total, 4714 sts remaining)
  • 11/08/08: Swan Lake Stole – Rows 9 (Sts. 1030, Sts. rem. 3684)
  • 12/08/08: Swan Lake Stole – 12 rows, 1368 sts, 2316 sts rem.
  • 13/08/08: Swan Lake Stole – 3 rows, 364 sts, 1952 sts rem.
  • 14/08/08: nothing knit
  • 15/08/08: (initial progress) Swan Lake Stole – 7 rows, 886 sts, 1066 sts rem.

Apologies for the flash-only photos here. My sleep pattern has been very disturbed due to less-well-health than I normally “enjoy” and by the time I’m up it’s afternoon and raining!

Progress up to the 11th:

swan lake 11-08-08

Progress as of about 3 a.m. on the 15th:

swan lake 15-08-08

As you can see I’m nearly there.  If I can stay awake the whole night, like I’m planning on doing to try and get my sleep pattern right, I should have it finished on Saturday.

If you’re in the Ravelympics, how are your efforts going?  And even if you’re not, how’s the crafting going at this point in the summer/winter?

No imagination left

No imagination left

I’ve come down with something new. Again. Variety is the spice of life? I’d take bread and water any day over “A new week, a new infection”.

All of those with a compromised immune system say “Blech…” 🙂

Anyway, knitting.

I’ve finished chart H of the Swan Lake Stole, leaving me charts I and J to do.

I’m a shade over half way done with eating up the live stitches, but not half way through the “wing”. (Every other row adds stitches so I’m not sure where the half-way point is).

ms3 04-04-08

Medium (393 x 500)/Original (804 x 1022)

I’m also adding to the Psychedelic Blanket, slowly but surely.

psblanket 04-04-08

Medium (500 x 273)/Original (1134 x 620)

That’s a total of 12 squares (5 with the contrast as colour A and 7 with the main as colour A).

I may be here for a while!

I stopped worrying about my brother. He got bronchitis. Yeah, I’m back to worrying!

There’s also some stuff going on with my extended family (see August last year for the key players) which is not helping my general health.

I’m learning to do meditation (my mum’s helping me) and it seems to be do the trick as regards my blood pressure. Let’s see if it helps with anything else.

Finally, I present some Biblical-scale weather that hit on Saturday afternoon.


Hail is not usual for around here! (Ignore the windowsill in need of a good clean!)

No longer a mystery

No longer a mystery

This isn’t:

ms3 06-08-07

but The-Book-Which-Shall-Not-Be-Named is!
Yes, my local, friendly library came through and I’m now approximately 0.001% finished (I’m up to Chapter 12)!

Project Spectrum – final triad:

Orange. Purple. Brown.

Three of my favourite colours, all at the same time!

I had to pick one to knit something in, so I chose two!

lace up tank 06-08-07

Remember the swatch from way back when? Well, it’s all grown up!

The pattern is from Elann and is called the “Sonata Print Lace-up Tank” – snappy name!

In total contrast to Wren, there will be few or no modifications at all to this baby! What is very strange though, is I’m knitting the 38″ bust. And it fits. Weird! I haven’t been a 38″ bust since … the last time the Spice Girls were in fashion?

The yarn is from 100% Pure Wool and is the merino worsted in combined colours. I can’t remember the exact colour name, but I think it was something like Chestnut or Marron (French for chestnut!) . Actually, I found that colourway on the site but if it was that, the colour is way off!

Turing sock:

Still motoring along on sock 2, and thanks to my test knitters I’ve discovered some mistakes. I suppose that’s why I have testers! Sorry if you missed out this time around, I have plenty of other sock patterns bouncing around in my head. Not all will be publicized here during the making, but they will be eventually. And the deadlines will hopefully be longer!

I forgot to mention in my last post that you need to have already signed up to the Summer of Socks to take part in the competition. Doh! Sorry.

Next time:

I’ll tell you more about the bombshell my mum dropped on me about not loving me any more not needed any more socks. I know.

Commence Operation Feeling Sorry For Myself

Commence Operation Feeling Sorry For Myself

(Mini-whine first, knitting follows) 🙂

Nothing in particular.

The incessant rain.

The persistent pain (ooh, that rhymes!)

The idiot neighbours who think it’s a good thing to lock a child in a room and ignore them while they are having a toddler tantrum. When they’re 11 years old.

I’ve finished the right front of the Wren cardigan and I’m just about to do a three-needle cast off on the shoulders.

There is some inconsistency in the fabric and I don’t know whether to block the pieces now or wait until I’ll finished everything. Any advice?

I’ve made a pretty decent start of my design for the Summer of Socks 2007 competition, but I’d still like to keep a little something back, so here’s a sneak preview:

SOS design peek 1

sos 2007 peek 2

The yarn is a bamboo/superwash wool mix from Anne in the MacIntosh colour. I am reliably informed that it does accurately resemble said apple, but I can honestly say that I’ve never seen one!

The third clue for the mystery stole has been released, but I’m still slogging away on clue 2. I’m a proud member of the Slow-Bee group, as imagined by Bonne Marie. There is a button and everything! If you want one, save it to your own computer and then upload it to your own image server, please. Thank you, darlinks.


Slow-bee shield badge!

Erm … I think that’s it. Yup. Sorry, pretty boring that, wasn’t it? I’ll try and have a more interesting life between now and the next post.

Shall I train to be a fighter pilot or run hobble away and join the circus?

U-knitting Nations

U-knitting Nations

It never ceases to amaze me the places people are who visit my blog. Kind of like the United Nations, only it works and most of us get on!

the UN on my blog


Finished Clue The First and started on Clue the Second.

Mystery Stole 3 clue 1 finished

I’ve already made an error created a design feature by missing one of the beads, but assuming that the other pointy end is a mirror image I’ll make the same mistake design feature again.

I’ve got a photo of the beads in the lace, but in order to see them, you really need to view the image as large as possible. As I know that not everyone is on a high-speed, unlimited internet connection here’s the link to view the photo if you want.

Oh, and as Fluffy Knitter Deb said herself in the comments to my last post, USE HER BEADING TUTORIAL!!!

Wren wrap cardigan:
Progress is pretty good on the cardigan, but nothing photo-worthy. Find a photo of the left front, imagine it half way through the armhole, reverse the image in your mind. Got it? Good. 🙂


Thanks to Anne P. (Wooly Wonka Fibers) I now have some sock yarn with which to knit my design for the Summer of Socks 2007 competition.

macintosh bamboo yarn skein macintosh yarn cake

I’m going to be keeping it mostly under wraps, but you will get the occasional glimpse from now until mid-September!

Whether I win the competition or not, the pattern will be available by late September.

Right, I’m off to put my head back and watch TV, because apparently the 12 hours of sleep I got last night weren’t quite enough to stop me feeling like I’ve been run over by a steam roller. snooze