FO: Lune Shawl mark 2

I made this out of yarn I spun myself! How awesome is that!?! (Hint: pretty awesome).

Pattern: Lune Shawl by Miriam L Felton from Twist & Knit [My Ravelry Project Page]
Yarn & Needles:

Yarn hand spun from Wooly Wonka Fiber’s “Wine Club 2011”. Cupcake Wines-inspired merino/silk blend in “Summer Breeze” colourway. Worsted short draw singles, Navajo/Chain-plied. Finishing: washed/soaked, dried horizontally (no weight). Approx 300 m.

4mm, 4.5mm and 5mm needles (all circular)

A note on the yarn.

I started spinning the singles on my spindle during Tour de Fleece but realised it would probably take me into next year to finish. I moved to my Bliss TT wheel for the remaining 2/3rds of the fibre. As a result of this, the first third of the yarn is much thinner than the rest. I knew this so I planned to start the shawl with the thinner yarn (on 4 mm needles) and finish with the thicker yarn (on the 5 mm needles).

You can see the change in yarn weight quite well here (thinnest at the top, thickest at the bottom).

My plan was always for a thicker yarn so I’m glad I didn’t do the whole lot on the spindle!


As per my previous Lune Shawl I made the central panel in moss stitch (US: seed st)

Hmmm….. texture …

Used this Yarn Harlot “emergency” crochet cast off so I could use all of my yarn without having to guess how much I needed for the cast off. This is not an elastic cast off. I wouldn’t recommend it for any kind of lacey knitting, but I just about got away with it for this shawl.

You can see the cast off pulling the lower edge.

This is how much yarn I had left!

Phew! Close call!

FO: Handspun Transverse Scarf

Pattern: Transverse Scarf by Miriam Felton from Twist & Knit [My Ravelry Project Page]

Yarn/needles: My own handspun yarn from a merino braid in “Blaze” colourway. Approx. chunky/bulky weight. 100g/110 m. 6 mm straight bamboo needles.

Dimensions: 18 cm/7 inches wide by 62 cm/24.5 inches long.


My yarn is rather overspun in places and so made for a rather dense scarf.  However, I this this neck-warmer/cowl-length will be rather useful come Autumn.

The pattern lends itself rather nicely to any weight of yarn (you simply work multiples of the stitch pattern).

I opted to leave the scarf unblocked for the time being but I may change my mind!

Lobbying for an official birthday

Nb: this was supposed to last weeks post but painful muscles and a medium-to-bad cold intervened.  Thursday night’s fever was fun, let me tell you!  Anyway, on with the story…

If the Queen has one why can’t I? Stamps foot.

While it wasn’t an official birthday outing it was close enough (only 2 months late!)

I met up with a couple of my “imaginary” friends off of the t’internet for a morning/afternoon of coffee, gingerbread men and yarn shopping.

Malabrigo Lace in a yummy chocolate brown, pale lilac and baby blue colour.

Merino fibre:

The colour is called "Blaze" - very appropriate!

And what I’ve made with it so far:

This was a few days ago; I've now spun nearly half of the fibre

I’ve managed a few rows of my Blooming shawl (which still defies being photographed correctly; in some lights it’s blue, in others purple) and a couple of motifs in the Corelli CAL.  I have two more completed washcloths.

Dragonfly (Ravelry link): I may well be keeping this one for myself. L: Knit-side uppermost R: Purl-side uppermost. Another purple defying photography!
A textured slip stitch washcloth (pattern from a Yahoo Group and is no longer available)

Both made in Peaches and Cream yarn.

The cold is progressing and I’m now at the hacking dry-cough stage.  Of course, this is really nothing in comparison to what happened in Japan so I’m trying not to complain to much.

Germ-y hugs to all.


First things first; I was so touched and moved by the response to my previous post. I’ve been fairly open about my physical limitations in the past, but my mental limitations have as much of an impact on me. The good news is I’m doing a lot better on the new tablets, the doctor is very pleased with how I’ve responded to them and things seem a lot brighter.

OK then, on to crafting.  No, really!

My concentration levels have waxed and waned almost hourly so I’ve been flitting between two projects; one knit and one crochet.

The crochet project I gave a little sneak preview of last time, but I can show a little more of my progress now

raeanneshawlsweater1 (by dyedinthewool)

Progress on the main body of the sweater

This is the RaeAnne Shawl Sweater from Blueprint Crochet by Robyn Chachula (on whom I have a developing crochet-crush).  The motifs were memorised after about the 6th square so it’s just time and numbers that are the issue now.

The yarn I’m using is Sublime Merino Angora DK that I got for an absolute steal in an online sale (no way I could have afforded it otherwise) and it is heavenly-soft.  The yarn in the pattern was a merino/cotton blend so I thought the substitution would work well, with the angora having little to no elastic memory like the cotton.

The second, knit, project I’m working on is the Endless Shawl Cardi from StitchDiva (what is it with me a cardigan-shawl mash-ups at the moment?)

endless2 (by dyedinthewool)

endless1 (by dyedinthewool)

How serendipitous that the stitch markers I made match the yarn I bought!

It’s fairly monotonous and the only concern I have is the amount of yarn I have.  There’s no getting any more where that came from since the dyer faked her own death.  Shame; she was talented.

And finally …

I have categorised all my yarn.  All of it.

And in order to justify having all of the yarn I’m getting rid of some of it and using most of the rest of it.  To whit …

chunkycrochetblanketyarn (by dyedinthewool)

Behold!  The makings of a crochet blanket.

So, here’s hoping my next post appears sometime before the next decade.