I Do Shrug from knitty

I Do Shrug from knitty

I Do front


I Do pose with plant
The model in the pattern was posing with a flower. I chose a broad bean plant instead.


I Do back2
The colour is really off on this one!


I Do back


I Do grafting detail


I Do pattern detail
Close up of the pattern detail.

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Item name: I Do shrug
Recipient: Me
Pattern: I Do from knitty.com
Yarn: Sirdar Breeze DK (60% cotton, 40% acrylic) 216 g total (approx. 622 yds/570m)
Needles: 4 mm straights (one sleeve metal, and the other bamboo)
Size: Erm … Mostly large I think!
Dates: June the 25th 2005 (!) to 28th of March 2006 (not constantly worked on).
Modifications: Yarn substitution and knit flat not in the round.
Notes and comments: After discovering that I couldn’t do purl lace in the round, I converted it to knit in the flat. In retrospect, I should have added two edge stitches (I would have made seaming it a heck of a lot easier).

Swatches don’t count …

Swatches don’t count …

… towards my project-monogamy.

tubey swatch
Tubey Swatch

I’m trying to work soley on “Acorn”, but knitting stocking stitch on 3 mm needles from here to eternity isn’t easy! Ermm … I mean … it’s good for my hands to change needle size and type of yarn. Yeah, that’s it!

More evidence of my geekiness:

My Desktop Wallpaper

Yes, that is a screen shot from Star Trek. Spock was my hero!

I Do Shrug (an update at last):

I’ve finally picked up shrug again and managed a couple of rows. In the background you can see my abacus low-energy environmentally-friendly portable calculating device. I have, and use, 4 different types of calculators depending on the task in hand. Of course I own an abacus!

And finally:

I watched the last episode ofStar Trek: Enterprise yesterday. It both sucked and blew. Series 4 was so great (much better than 2 and 3) but the last episode was rubbish. I know that they almost literally pulled the plug the month before the end of filming, but still … And Riker – I didn’t know they did uniforms in gigantic! PORK! {grin}

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Just say no!

Just say no!

Here are some of the knitting things I’ll be saying “NO!” to this year:

  • The Knitting Olympics – are you kidding! I have enough self-imposed pressure, without any other kind of deadline thank you!
  • Any kind of Secret Pal exchange – see previous blog posts about being stuffed-over by my original pals (emergency secret pals for SP3 not withstanding)
  • Any kind of sock exchange – see my previous effort for a reason why.
  • Knit Alongs that I have no realistic expectation of starting, never mind finishing.

Things I’ll be saying “YES!” to:

  • Free yarn (a girl can hope) – it will fit into my no-yarn-buying policy
  • Rogue – I will cast on for this as soon as I’ve finished erm… I Do? Martha?
  • More wooden needles – made by myself or purchased
  • More published patterns – there is one for definite (Magknits again) and I have an idea for another that I’m currently working on.
  • A shed-load more socks – my aim is to alternate a pair for me and a pair for my mum, but we’ll see how well that works out!


I’ve not been well for over a week and a half now and as a result I’m averaging two rounds every 30 minutes at the moment. Coupled with the gusset increases it makes for slow going. This means it’s not looking likely that I’ll be finished for the prize-draw in the KAL (14th of Feb), but that’s not why I joined in the first place anyway. I have another 12 rows to go before turning the heel, and that always goes (relatively) quickly.

I Do:

Progress has halted for a while, but as soon as I finish Jaywalker, I’ll get going again.

Other stuff:

Whilst I’m not able to knit I’m designing – either on paper or in my head. I’m currently working on two definites- one for Magknits and another for an as-yet-undetermined location. I don’t have the yarn for the Magknits item yet, so it’s all calculator and guess-work for the time being. I’ve not had word from Kerrie yet as regards the publication of my already-done item, so I’m assuming that it will be in the March issue. Or it could be that between her proper job, Hipknits, Magknits and two sick kids she hasn’t has a spare nano-second! Poor woman!

ETA: I forgot to mention this – if you have a spare moment, just pop over to UKnitty and leave your best wishes to “C”. She’s in hospital at the moment, and her boyfriend posted a message letting us know. She’s been supportive of my Arien-designing process (and my Welsh)!

B is for …

B is for …

31-12-05 002

Boob cake!

I made this for my brother’s birthday at the end of December. It’s basically two muffins stuck on a plate with some icing over it – but he loved it!

B is also for …

Brilliant new hairdo!

The highlights are a kind of caramel colour (hmm… caramel…) and the hair is a lot shorter than it was – about time too!


Why yes, there is:

It’s the I Do shrug. D’ya remember her? The 21st of August was when she last made an appearance. All of that progress you see is from Saturday evening when I cast on. Why has it taken me this long to get going again? Oh, yeah, exams, my mum’s cardigan, socks …


The Jaywalker socks have moved on a little, but not enough to photograph. I’ve learnt that I can only work on them for about 10 minutes at a time and then I have to take a wee break. I’m not sure whether it’s because of the needle size or the needle material.
I’m normally a 2s2c gal, but I’m beginning to wonder if I’d be better off on d.p.n.? I’ve got my hands on some wooden skewers that are about 3mm in diameter, so I’ll file them down and try making some socks with my Lorna’s Laces left over (2 and a half skeins) from the Lotus Blossom shawl.

Promises update:

So far, so good on my bendable promises. No yarn of any sort has been purchased, I put the Arien Pattern up and I’m up to date with my uni work. OK, so I’ve not actually started the uni work yet, but lets not split hairs!

Ta, ta!

A cool way to start 2006

A cool way to start 2006

I’ve joined an “along” that basically is like a photojournal. It’s called the ABC-along (found thanks to Norma), and the idea is that starting in January, you post one photo every two weeks, starting with the letter “A”, and finishing in December with the letter “Z” (that’s a zed, not a zee, BTW!).

So, here’s my “A”:

Gosh, that’s original, isn’t it! It’s me. A is for Amy.

I chose this photo because I think I look not-ugly and I love the shawl!


Here’s the link for the toe-up pattern (you’ll still need the original one here). Progress can be seen below.

WIP wall of shame:

These are the unfinished projects I’m taking with me into the new year.

31-12-05 003

  1. Sirdar Lace Cardigan (only the back completed)
  2. Jaywalker socks
  3. I Do lace shrug (1 half done)
  4. Arien – the cardigan for my mum
  5. Martha lace cardigan (about 40% of the back completed)
  6. A baby waistcoat for charity
  7. Mystery Lace shawl

And that’s not even counting the stuff I have the pattern and the yarn for (Rogue, Bella, Follow the Leader…)

Tag, I’m it!

I’ve been tagged for my first ever Meme. Now, I had a personal resolution that if tagged I wouldn’t play ball. However, since this is all about the knitting, I’m relenting!


What new knitting techniques did you learn this year?

Short row shaping (not really new, but I used it a lot and I did learn Japanese short rowing – thanks Nona!)

Which completed project from the last 12 months are you most proud of?

Nothin’ but a T-shirt. I love it. The yarn and the pattern came together in a beautiful way, and the modifications I made worked out great. That, or my Lotus Blossom shawl.

What was your biggest knitting disaster of the last year?

Turning my Clapotis into a poncho – unflattering and unwearable. It’s now back as a wrap.

Who or what has been the biggest influence on your knitting in 2005?

Without a doubt, the Ample Knitters list.

What knit craze grabbed you this year?

Lace, lace and more lace! Not that I finished many lace items, but I did start quite a few!

Finally, some New Years resolutions.

Knitting ones only:

  • Learn intarsia
  • Learn entrelac
  • Have a pattern published in Magknits (cheating, because it’s already been accepted!)
  • Finally finish that flippin’ Sirdar lace cardigan that I’ve had on the go for about 2 years.

Name the folks to pass this meme on to:

I wouldn’t dare inflict this on anyone who doesn’t want it (I’m a wimp), so if you want to be tagged, consider yourself tagged!

And finally…

I love my little nodding dog! I got him last Christmas and I just flick his head every now and then and it really cheers me up. In the background are Sherbet Fountains – man I love them!

Right, I’m off to listen to some podcasts and wish my next-door neighbours could have their party elsewhere.