FO Friday: Elven Cloche

FO Friday: Elven Cloche

This is the first in a very long series of posts which are mopping up some un-published finished objects from the last couple of years.

Nb: Sorry about the quality of the photos – they were taken with the front camera of my phone while I was out for a walk!

Some times a pattern and a yarn just fall into place with each other! This black/variegated yarn doesn’t show off the pattern to it’s fullest degree but it was a fun, quick knit and I only had to go shopping in my stash. Win-win!

elven cloche fo2
Elven Cloche – the garter stitch section


Pattern: Elven Cloche by Rosemary (Romi) Hill from The Great Oddments Knitdown eBook. One size.
Yarn and needles: Sirdar Cossack Chunky (67% Acrylic, 30% Wool, 3% Rayon) – discontinued yarn.
88.2 yards, 60 grams 0.6 skeins = 88.2 yards (80.7m) used. 4.5 mm dpns and one 6 mm long circular needle for magic loop.
Dates: 5th – 8th Feb 2014.

elven cloche fo1
This is the “leaf” portion of the hat (no, really. Well, I suppose you’ll just have to trust me then!).



  • No modifications at all, in the actual knitting.
  • Opted not to sew up one side so I have both ears covered at the same time.
  • This hat was made from the remnants of my crocheted Pixie Slippers, and I still have 20 g or so left.


FO: Mini Argyle Hat and Mittens Set

FO: Mini Argyle Hat and Mittens Set

Arty shots that basically say "LOOK AT MY NEW SHED!!!"
Arty shots that basically say “LOOK AT MY NEW SHED!!!”

Pattern: Mini Argyle Beret by Angela Sixian Wu. Mittens were based on numbers from Ann Budd’s “The Knitter’s Handy Book of Patterns” and the “Mittens+Gloves=Glittens” pattern. [My Ravelry Project Page]

Yarn and needles: Patons UK Diploma Gold 4ply in Black and Cream. Mittens and hat used up 1 ball of each colour (2 balls, approx 400 yds, in total). Magic loop technique with 2.5 mm 100 cm long circular needle.

More details of the mittens. Note the alternate cable cast on in the upper right.
More details of the mittens. Note the alternate cable cast on in the upper right.

Notes and modifications:

  • Really pleased with how these turned out. The mittens are super-warm and very practical. I’m glad I made the effort to do the flip top thumbs as it makes handling things like coins, without exposing myself to frost bite, very easy!
  • Used the hat’s main pattern on the backs of the mittens
  • Palm of mittens worked in simple chequerboard pattern
  • Flip tops created for both fingers and thumb, as per Glittens! pattern (excluding the fingers)
  • Full thumb gusset
  • Mittens are chiral (handed)
  • Alternate cable cast on for both hat and mittens
  • Chiral Latvian braid on the mittens
  • App shown is County for Android. Disclosure: I know the developer, Polly, but I was not paid for this product placement. This version of the app is the free one anyway!
A girl can change her mind?

A girl can change her mind?

Woollywormhead Mystery KAL - almost there
Woollywormhead Mystery KAL – almost there

This is how much of the crown shaping I have left to do (yellow tape is the round I’m on).


And that is how much yarn I have left.

What to do?

Romi has just released a new pattern as part of her new “Oddments” eBook and, I must confess, I’m rather taken. I think it’s the pom-pom.

So, oh great hive mind, suggestions gratefully received.

Edit: there is a poll in this post which may not show up if you are viewing this through a feed reader.

Showing my backside

Showing my backside

Or rather, the back side of my cross stitch. Cheeky!


Not very neat, but not too bad.
I always like seeing the “wrong” side of things; inside knitted items, behind curtains, secret rooms. I often think those things are very interesting and can often tell you a lot about how things work or how they are put together.

While I was stitching this flower bookmark I noticed one portion of it looked a bit like an anatomical heart. What do you think?

I <3 cross stitch
I less-than-three cross stitch

In knitting news, here’s where I’m up to on the mystery hat;

wpid-DSC_0075.jpgThat’s a whole lotta hat. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m going to run out of yarn before I’ve finished the decreases. I may have to rip out to before the crown shaping and take some of the length out of it. Stay tuned for how this thrilling event pans out!