Errata: Aki Scarf

Errata: Aki Scarf

Well, these things happen and an error has been discovered in my Aki Scarf pattern in issue 28 of Knit Now. I apologise for this.

Row 2 of the straight section should read;

I’ve just had a look at the magazine and there are errors on row 2 of the straight and decrease sections. I’m very sorry that this occurred.

2. K 1, m1, p to last 3 st, k2tog, k1

And the decrease section:

2. K1, k2tog, p to last 3 sts, k2tog, k1

Sorry again!

Torbay MASSIVE errata

Torbay MASSIVE errata

I’m an idiot. Here is the HUGE correction for the Torbay cardigan. In short, I missed out 90% of the yoke instructions.

I’m an idiot. Thank you to the very kind woman who pointed this out to me and didn’t call me useless or an idiot (even though I am)


Errata: Chess Set

Errata: Chess Set

Apparently I can’t count and there was a major mistake in the written instructions for my Chess Set pattern (thank you to the knitter on Ravelry who spotted it).

I’ve changed the pattern and uploaded new PDFs both here and over at Ravelry.

If you need the new pattern, please download it now.

The charts are unaffected.

Thank you, come again!