FO Friday: Duotone Cowl

FO Friday: Duotone Cowl

Just hang-er-ing around!
Just hang-er-ing around!

Pattern: Duotone Cowl by Orange Flower Yarn.

[My Ravelry Project Page]

Can be wrapped 3 times around my neck. Makes it super warm
Can be wrapped 3 times around my neck. Makes it super warm

Yarn(s) and needles:
C1: Misti Alpaca in 0790 – 360 meters (395 yards), 45 grams
C2: Malabrigo Lace in Charrua 259 – 348 meters (380 yards), 40 grams

Either 3.5 mm or 4 mm circular (can’t remember which) – magic loop

Wrapped twice
Wrapped twice

Dates: Jan 27th – Mar 7th 2015

Size: 15 cm/6 inches wide by 160 cm/63 inches long.

Can also be used as a headband/cowl combo
Can also be used as a headband/cowl combo

Notes & mods:

  • Changed DK-weight to laceweight.
  • Cast on 88 sts as per pattern, to make a narrower cowl.
  • Made entirely from stash yarn (go me!).
  • Thanks to the alpaca, this is a really warm cowl.
WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday

Or: You know you’re not well when you don’t want to knit
Or: It’s late, the flash washes the photos out, so I messed around with some filters.


And that’s all she wrote…

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FO: Merope’s Cowl

FO: Merope’s Cowl

No, you’re not having memory problems, I never got around to blogging this while it was on the needles!

Pattern and project: Merope’s cowl (not available individually, only as part of eBook) by Romi from 7 Small Shawls To Knit Year 1; The Pleiades . My Ravelry project page.
Yarn and needles:

  • Mean Girls Yarn Club Episode 2: Mean Girls Strike Back, “Dictate Hoar” (Delores Umbridge from Harry Potter).
  • 100% superwash merino wool.
  • Sock/fingering weight.
  • Approx. 145 m/160 yds used.
  • 4 mm x 40 cm circular needle.

Dates and dimensions:

  • 11th Jan – 14th Jan 2014.
  • Finished/blocked dimensions; 18″ (46 cm) circumference at top, 24″ (61 cm) circumference at base, 9.25″ (23 cm) length from cast on to point.

Notes and modifications:

  • No modifications to the pattern at all. I know, right?! So not like me!
  • Only took me 4 days to make this, and I probably could have managed it in 2, if I’d not been working on other things.
  • I’m planning on making another one soon since it’s both light and warm, and fits very nicely under a coat or shirt.
Brim-full of knitting

Brim-full of knitting

Sorry. That’s not very punny is it? I’m just having too much pun with it.

Woollywormhead Mystery KAL first.

Hat A (the more tricky of the two with cables in the brim) worked in Some Assembly Required Not So Light sock-weight in Desert Rose.  Still have another 2″ to go, but you get the idea.

Hat B (the more “simple” of the choices) in King Cole Moods DK

Despite myself, I’ve grown quite fond of twisted rib.

I started (and finished!) a little one-ball cowl for myself in some yarn I’d originally intended for mittens.  Pattern is the Quick Cabled Cowl and the yarn is Wendy Serenity Super Chunky.

More photos and project details here

It felt like knitting with broomsticks after faffing around with 3 mm and 4 mm needles but I did OK!

I’ve also made more progress on Watershed and managed to get a photo in what passes for daylight in the Northern Hemisphere at this time of year.  In other words, I turned my daylight lamp on because it was raining. Again.

I’ve been having better days but it’s been an hour-by-hour thing.  Just got to take it slowly!

Hello Stranger

Hello Stranger

What have I been up to in the past … mumble … weeks?

First there was painting

365:316 (by dyedinthewool)

and then the paint roller injury (no really. I always laughed at people who had tea cozy-related injuries but I can now see how that happens!)

a little cross stitch (as yet unfinished)

xstitchwip (by dyedinthewool)

and a little knitting

topdownraglanmum1 (by dyedinthewool)
Top-down raglan cardigan for my mum

wwkal1 (by dyedinthewool)
A non-spoiler picture of the Woolly Wormhead mystery KAL hat

and even a finished object!

Cowl'd and Frosty Morning mosaic (by dyedinthewool)

Cowl’d and Frosty Morning in RCY Cashsoft Chunky for my dad. He really liked it and reported no cold neck while gardening!

All of which as left me feeling a little …

365:317 (by dyedinthewool)


I may be a while…