WIP Wednesday

Well, after a short absence due to holiday and then recovery-from-holiday this is going to be a brief update.

I’ve been pottering along on the Honeybee Cardigan:

Wow, that will really need a good wash and block!
Wow, that will really need a good wash and block!

As you can see I’m well into the yoke now, so all that remains is to finish that, work the neck and button bands and make the pockets. “That’s all“, she says!

There has been a corresponding lack of progress on everything else, of course, so all I have to show are these couple of rows on the Advent Stole:

A tricky lace pattern makes for very slow going.
A tricky lace pattern makes for very slow going.

And that is all for now!

FO Friday: Tea Cosy take 2

Pattern: The imaginatively named “Tea Cosy” by Lily/Yarnspirations.

Yarn and needles: Worsted-weight cotton. 50 g of Peaches & Creme (blue) and 26 g of Sugar ā€˜nā€™ Cream (blue ombre). 5 mm straight bamboo needles.

Dates: 14th – 19th April 2015


  • Knew/thought I wouldn’t have enough of the solid to make this so added the ombre Sugar ‘n’ Cream yarn.
  • 2 row stripes, with colour changing on the WS.
  • Due to a user-error, I made the top in one colour, but I rather like it.
  • It’s a little roomy on my tea pot, but that does make it easier to take on and off!
  • Really quick knit and could have been made in a day or two but this yarn hurts my hands so I spaced the knitting out over several days.

WIP Wednesday

Since you saw the progress on the Birch stole yesterday, it’s omitted here.
The sleeves of the Honeybee cardigan are coming along nicely:

Sleeve 1 done and sleeve 2 underway
Sleeve 1 done and sleeve 2 underway

And I’m about to have a second attempt at turning the heel on the second Jules socks:

1st sock done and 2nd sock up to the heel.
1st sock done and 2nd sock done up to the heel.

FO Friday: Cricket Cosy

cricket cosy teapot cover

How cute is this?!

Pattern: Cricket Cosy by Ros Clarke, from p/hop.

[My Ravelry Project Page]

cricket cosy teapot cover
The back


Yarn & needles: Sugar ‘n’ Cream in white (90 m/58 g) and blue/cream variegated (15 m/10 g).

4 mm straights and 3.75 mm dpns

Dates: 24th – 27th Feb 2015

cricket cosy teapot cover
And one more for the road!


  • Only used 1 CC, instead of 2.
  • Worsted-weight cotton instead of DK simply because that’s what I had to hand.
  • Accidental modification of crossing the cables the opposite way. It’s now a design feature.
  • Another accidental mod of leaving off the stripes around the v-neck collar.
  • I’m going to be honest and say that it’s really difficult to get this on my teapot. I don’t know if it’s because of the yarn I used, but it’s really tricky. And it’s not easy to get the lid on, once the cosy is on the teapot.
  • However, it is super cute and I hope it will keep my tea warmer for longer!

FO: Crocheted Spiral Motif Bag

You know what? I might be getting the hang of this crochet thingy!

Spiral motif bag - now with added fruit!
Spiral motif bag – now with added fruit!

Pattern and project: Crochet Spiral Motif Bag by LisaJedi Gwinner. My Ravelry Project Link.

Spiral motif bag
Spiral motif bag

Yarn and hook(s): Unknown/unlabelled recycled cotton yarn (bought on eBay many moons ago). Approx. sport/double knitting weight. Yardage/meterage unknown. 4 mm hook for main body of bag and 3 mm hook for top and handles.

Spiral motif bag - the motif itself.
Spiral motif bag – the motif itself.

Dates and dimensions: 3rd -15th Jan 2014. 56 cm circumference at top of bag, 30 cm from top of bag to base (unstretched).

Spiral motif bag in repose.
Spiral motif bag in repose.

Notes and modifications:

  • Used 3 mm hook to do top and handles of bag to provide some stability/strength.
  • Due to my lack of crocheting experience, I struggled a little with the start of the bag but I took a deep breath and went one step at a time!
  • I’m going to be interested to see if, as some of my Facebook friends said, this bag continues to grow as it’s used.