Duality Shawl: Knit Now 45

Duality Shawl: Knit Now 45

Duality Shawl - in issue 45 of Knit Now
Duality Shawl – in issue 45 of Knit Now

This has to be, hands-down, one of my favourite designs ever. I loved working with the Blacker Swan over-dyed Falklands Merino DK in the sample and the colours (while not to everyone’s taste, I will admit) are totally “me”.

Duality Shawl
Duality Shawl

This side-to-side shawl/scarf features lace, cables, garter stitch, and intarsia.

The shaping for the shawl is done within the garter stitch section.

The lace and the cables are all fully charted.

The ends of the shawl are shaped, with the cables growing gracefully out of and into the points.

Duality shawl - close up of cables and lace edging
Duality shawl – close up of cables and lace edging

This pattern features in the revamped Knit Now issue 45, available in selected UK newsagents and supermarkets or online (internationally) in paper or digital format from More Mags.


New pattern: Wardown Mitts

New pattern: Wardown Mitts

Wardown Mitts from Knit Now 24
Wardown Mitts from Knit Now 24

These ultra-feminine fingerless mitts were inspired by the big, busy prints seen on the Spring/Summer 2013 runways and the little cream lace on the cuff echoes delicate ladies’ gloves trimmed with broderie anglaise. Although the Shetland wool, at first, may not scream summer, I always keep a pair of fingerless mitts with me for those chilly days on the beach or cool evenings in the garden. Make in bold colours for a statement or pastel shades for a more delicate feel.

Ta Da!!!!

I think these have to be the most feminine things I’ve ever designed, and I love them!

They turned out pretty much as I had envisioned them, which is not always the case!

It was a tricky “birth” but I got there in the end.

Yarn: Ripplecrafts Shetland 4-ply in The Bru (and yes, it really is that orange!), Ecru, Wild Violets and Primrose. Note: there is a code in the magazine for 15% off the yarn used from Ripplecrafts.

Wardown Mitts are in Knit Now issue 24, on sale from the 25th July 2013 from moremags.com (who ship/post overseas) and selected supermarkets in the UK.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

If in doubt, do what someone else tells you to do. Also, I’ve mainly been knitting on the Cria cardigan and it’s just miles of stocking stitch with the occasional buttonhole.

This photo challenge comes from WordPress.

I’m actually a day late (the new challenge is out today) but I thought I’d share anyway!

Click on any of the images in the gallery above to get a larger photo (you will then be able to scroll through all of the pictures).

Lobbying for an official birthday

Lobbying for an official birthday

Nb: this was supposed to last weeks post but painful muscles and a medium-to-bad cold intervened.  Thursday night’s fever was fun, let me tell you!  Anyway, on with the story…

If the Queen has one why can’t I? Stamps foot.

While it wasn’t an official birthday outing it was close enough (only 2 months late!)

I met up with a couple of my “imaginary” friends off of the t’internet for a morning/afternoon of coffee, gingerbread men and yarn shopping.

Malabrigo Lace in a yummy chocolate brown, pale lilac and baby blue colour.

Merino fibre:

The colour is called "Blaze" - very appropriate!

And what I’ve made with it so far:

This was a few days ago; I've now spun nearly half of the fibre

I’ve managed a few rows of my Blooming shawl (which still defies being photographed correctly; in some lights it’s blue, in others purple) and a couple of motifs in the Corelli CAL.  I have two more completed washcloths.

Dragonfly (Ravelry link): I may well be keeping this one for myself. L: Knit-side uppermost R: Purl-side uppermost. Another purple defying photography!
A textured slip stitch washcloth (pattern from a Yahoo Group and is no longer available)

Both made in Peaches and Cream yarn.

The cold is progressing and I’m now at the hacking dry-cough stage.  Of course, this is really nothing in comparison to what happened in Japan so I’m trying not to complain to much.

Germ-y hugs to all.

Some decisions are easy

Some decisions are easy

I can agonise over putting the right yarn with the right pattern. It can take me hours, days or, in some cases, years on I still haven’t found The One.

Finding the perfect pattern for the Rico yarn I blogged about last week didn’t take that long.

I tried it with an entrelac scarf pattern first and while the technique lends itself to striping yarn, it didn’t work with this one (colour change was too long).

I then went looking for one of those multidirectional scarf patterns that were all the rage when I first started knitting. And I found one.

With the help of Working Girl (boy, that was some BIG hair!) and a little insomnia I started knitting on Friday evening:

and on Sunday evening, I finished!

Monday I added fringing:

No modelled shots because I look a grim at the moment.  A vertigo attack (dizziness) combined with giant swollen neck glands doesn’t lend itself to making very pretty photos!

Pattern: Multidirectional Scarf by Karen Baumer [Ravelry Project Page]

Yarn and needles: Rico Creative Poems Aran (100% new wool) colour 003.  Used all of 2 x 50g balls (approx. 200m total).  5 mm bamboo straights.  Purchased from Black Sheep (no affiliation, just a very satisfied customer)

Size: 4″ wide by 50″ long without fringe and 58″ with fringe.