One from the archives here peeps! This tales starts many moons ago …

(I can’t find this in my Ravelry projects. The earliest project I have listed is from 2004, so I assume it’s from before then).

"Accidental Lensflare" is my hipster band name.  "We're pretty cool, so you probably haven't heard of us."
“Accidental Lensflare” is my hipster band name.
“We’re pretty cool, so you probably haven’t heard of us.”

Inspired by Vivian Høxbro’s book “Domino Knitting”, I made my mum a mitred-squares waistcoat. I used large wooden toggle as the fastening and my mum didn’t really wear it.
Fast forward to today and she handed the waistcoat back to me for some remedial work.

Oh, cheeky!
Oh, cheeky!

These were the only buttons I had easy access to and they don’t really match. Nor are they placed evenly. But … I hope they will mean my mum will actually wear this garment again.


I crab stitched (crocheting backwards, from left to right) up the left front, creating chain loops whenever it seemed like a good idea.

It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you have no idea what you’re doing and/or you have no fear. Look at those mitred corners on the welts around the arm and neck holes!

Pattern: Rosita cosies in Knit Now issue 20

Pattern: Rosita cosies in Knit Now issue 20

Long time no blog! It’s difficult blogging when everything I’m doing is under embargo! Well, here’s what I was doing in December and January which I couldn’t talk about!

I managed to squeeze 5 items out of 100 g of yarn (8-cup cafetiere/French Press cosy not pictured). Not bad, huh?

For this design I was inspired by two things; a husband-and-wife designing team and a love of hot coffee. Tai and Rosita Missoni’s love of fabrics with chevrons of varying widths gave me the idea for the stitch pattern, and the recent purchase of a cafetiere which doesn’t always retain it’s heat lead me to the design. I chose midnight-blue and fawn-cream colours to lend a French bistro feel to the designs, but I think these items would also look great in bright, sunny colours.
Knit Now issue 20 is available from newsagents and supermarkets UK-wide and via Apple’s App store for all i-devices.

Milla Mia Naturally Soft Merino in Colours Fawn (106) and Midnight (101)

Approx. meters used for each item.
8-Cup Cafetiere Cosy: 54 m each colour
2-Cup Cafetiere Cosy: 23 m each colour
Coaster: 10 m each colour
Coffee Sleeve: 17 m each colour
Mug Hug: 20 m each colour