FO: Mad-Eye Moody Socks

FO: Mad-Eye Moody Socks


Pattern: Moody Stockings by Erica Lueder from Dreams in Fiber. The Sock Knitters Anonymous mystery sock-a-long pattern for November 2012. Technique: Texture


Yarn and needles: Posh Yarn’s Jeannie in “Froggy Went A-Wooing”. 2-ply fingering weight yarn. 400 yds per 100g. 83 g/ 332 yds used. 2.5 mm Knit Picks Harmony/Symphonie double pointed needles.


  • No modifications as per Sock Knitters Anonymous knit-a-long rules.
  • In this yarn, on these needles, this makes a very stretchy sock. I would highly recommend going down a couple of needle sizes or trying to reduce the number of stitches in the pattern if you have an average or small-sized foot.
  • I thought that the colours in this yarn were going to obscure the stitch pattern, but that isn’t the case (at least, in natural light. Artificial light flattens it and makes the purl stitches recede somewhat)
  • Sorry for the non-modelled shots but these aren’t socks for me! Just on the off-chance that the recipient is reading this, I won’t say for whom they are destined!
FO: Autumn Glow socks

FO: Autumn Glow socks

I’m pretty sure these are the first socks with cables on them that I’ve managed to complete! This is a nice pattern that’s just complicated enough to keep my interest but not so tricky that I could only work on it in total silence. This yarn is really lovely and the gold sparkles really shine through! It’s dyed using walnut shells (not something I’ve come across before) and you could tell because there were still some pieces in the fibre!

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FO: Progressive Sock Party

FO: Progressive Sock Party

Pattern: Progressive Sock Party by Chrissy Gardener

Showing off the stranded heel in pinstripe pattern

Yarn and Needles: 6 yarns used. For full list see my Ravelry page (publicly viewable via this link). Worked two-at-a-time on 2 x 2.75 mm needles.

Dates: 25th July – 30th August 2012


  • Socknitter’s Anonymous July 2012 knit-along challenge (Colourwork/colorwork)
  • Worked the toe and heel in stranded pattern so the sock will (hopefully) wear at the same rate
  • Quite pleased with the finished object but they are a little snug at the calf and Iā€™m really not pleased with the massive gaps up the heel flap (see photo with large circle).
Mind the gap! I didn’t quite get this right (my own fault because I added colourwork to the heel)
  • The toe is a little pointier than I would normally have but it fits well enough.
FO: 1946 Vogue Socks

FO: 1946 Vogue Socks

I’ve dubbed these the SMS socks; Save My Sanity. Concentrating on the charts and the stranding kept my mind on the socks and not on any upsetting thoughts or feelings I was having. The past few weeks have been very rough, and I still have a long way to go, but I’m beginning to think the light at the end of the tunnel isn’t necessarily a train about to run me over.

For Sock Knitters Anonymous July 2012 Sockdown.
Challenge: Fair Isle/Stranded colourwork

Pinstripe heels

Pattern: Chart from a 1946 “Silky Fair Isle Sweater” pattern from “Knitting in Vogue, volume 2”, modified by me. Heel = “Strong Heel”. My Ravelry Project Page.


Yarn and needles: MC = Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in “Charcoal” (97 grams / 365.5 yards). CC = Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic Colorway 1004 (30 grams / 131.1 yards). Knit Picks Harmony 2.5 mm D.P.Ns.

Stranding on the inside of the socks

Dates: Started July 4 2012. Completed July 28 2012

  • Pin stripe heels worked with opposite end of ball to maintain colour progression in foot
  • Long-tail cast on over 2 needles, with one strand MC and one CC
  • 1/1 rib for cuff. 1 rnd MC, 1 rnd CC
  • Pinstripe wedge toe
  • Small “box” pattern at toe
  • This was my last roll of the dice with colourwork socks, and it seems to have worked out well. I accidentally did 1 more pattern repeat on the leg of the second sock because I attempted to count late at night!
Gusset increases on the leg of the sock, incorporated into the “polka dot” pattern


The first knitting I’ve done in nearly two months:

I think this is what you Earthlings call “knitting”

And also the first post in … a month?

I have been experiencing Life. Some good, some bad, mostly indifferent.

Can’t promise regular posts or anything, but I’ll keep my hand in (there’s a “yer mom” joke in there somewhere).

Yarn is Dark Yarn’s new sock base in the colour Robot Unicorn Attack v1. It’s like a Pride party for feet! šŸ˜€