Ribble Hat and Cowl

mosaic image of a woman wearing a bright stranded colourwork hat and cowl
Like a clown with cataracts dressed me!


Surprise pattern drop!

Like stranded colourwork? Like a lot of it? Like overly long hats and cowls? Then have I got the pattern for you?!

Knitted in a DK-weight yarn this pattern is a relatively simple make worked in the round. Also you can make a GIANT pom-pom and it won’t look weird.

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Japanese-Style Top from GBSB

Well, hello my old friend! I find Instagram and Facebook inadequate for longer form finished object posts, so here we are again!

This is my first sewn item in a good couple of years. I decided to ease myself back into the saddle with a rather forgiving knit project, and one that had only 15 sewing “actions” in it.

A woman standing in front of a pale background wearing a bright red asymmetric top. She has both arms raised to the level of her head. She is facing towards the camera.

Pattern: Japanese-Style Top from Great British Sewing Bee: From Stitch to Style book (ed. Wendy Gardiner)

Fabric: red cotton* crinkle jersey broidery anglais from parts unknown!

*the drape on this fabric makes me wonder if it’s a cotton/viscose blend, but as it was almost certainly a remnant, I shall never know!

Size: 20 (based on finished hip measurement. There is a lot of ease in the chest and the waist, so this was the most accurate measurement to use)

Fit: very oversized in chest and waist, more fitted in the hip. This has about 10 cm (4″) of ease at the hip.

Modifications: None that were purposeful.

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Here’s a poor-quality photo showing what the front pattern piece looks like flat. Mind-boggling how you get from that to the finished object!

Oddly-shaped sewing pattern piece on red fabric. The neckline, and left and right sleeves are labelled.
W the actual F?!

I found the instructions a little confusing and sometimes contradictory (especially as regard to what to do with the necklines – words said one thing, drawings said another), but luckily I’m an experienced enough sew-er to have been able to make my way through the muddle.


Overall I’m pleased with how this top turned out, especially as it was my first machine-sewn item in over 2 years! I don’t know if I’d make another (it’s a pretty unique item and I don’t think I need another piece like this in my wardrobe) but I’m very glad I made this one!