Music Monday: Royal Blood (and a swatch) edition

Music Monday: Royal Blood (and a swatch) edition

TURN IT UP TO 11!!!!!

I’m on one of my semi-annual METAL phases and I love, love, love Royal Blood. I’ve listened to their self-titled début album 4 times since I bought it last week (possibly 5 times when this post is published).

Over the weekend I swatched for a new project; a summer-weight cardigan for my mum. Which she requested! I’m glad I was sitting down when she asked! I normally just say “Would you like me to knit you something?” and she’ll say yes or no, but a request is new!

I chose the Honeybee Cardigan by Laura Chau partly because I’ve owned the pattern for years, intending to make one for myself. I’ll be modifying it (obviously) by doing stocking stitch panels at the sides and adding pockets.

Honeybee Cardigan swatch in Patons Cotton 4ply
Ooooh, look at that lace!
Practice buttonholes to the left.

As you can see from the swatch I’m also doing the ribbing/welts in a contrast colour (both colours picked out by my mum).

The yarn is Patons UK 100% Cotton 4ply, a lovely mercerised cotton.



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