UFO Tuesday?

UFO Tuesday?

I’ve come to the conclusion, after tripping over yet another half-finished project that should be in the WIP Ottaman, that I have too many UnFinished Objects.

The plan is to shame myself into working on them by picking one UFO per week and working on it for 7 days, then switching to another UFO. I’m hoping that this technique will stop me from getting bored (a perennial problem). We shall see…

This week’s project hasn’t been a UFO for very long, but it still counts! It’s the Stephen West 2014 mystery shawl, Exploration Station.

I worked on it a little last night, so here’s where it is as of 11 am-ish today.

stephen west mkal2014 WIP5

I’m going to alternate the UFO of the Week with any WIP (Works in Progress). Again, in theory!

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