Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday

10 Things You Do to Make Winter Less Bleak.
Well, I’m feeling a little bleak at the moment, so here’s the chance to cheer myself up a bit.
1. A daylight lamp. Best investment I made.
2. Vitamin D tablets. I don’t care if they are just sugar pills and it’s all a placebo effect, it seems to work
3. My bright pink duffle coat. Why wear grey when it’s grey?
4. Fire! I don’t have a real one, just a mains gas fire, and I don’t put it on very often, but there’s something very comforting about flickering flames on a cold, damp, day.
5. Day dreaming!
6. Looking at foreign holidays to places I can’t go, but do like looking at!
7. In a similar vein to 6, I love watching TV programmes like Death in Paradise where you get to look at crystal blue seas but without passport control or :shudder: other people.
8. Knitting. I always find knitting to be comforting.
9. Planning summer crafting.
10. Connecting with people via the internet, and realising just how mild our winters are!

What techniques do you employ to get through winter (or summer, for that matter)?

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