FO Friday: Liquorice & Nougat Socks

FO Friday: Liquorice & Nougat Socks

This is another entry into the long-overdue FO Friday series. I’m playing catch up, basically!

liquorice & nougat FO 3
Liquorice & Nougat Socks aka Strawberries & Cream mark 2


Pattern: Strawberries & Cream Socks by moi!

Yarn: MC Regia Silk (Black) and CC Art of Xen Capability (English Rose). Fingering/sock weight yarn. Approx 320 m of MC, 80 m of CC.



  • Heel over 60% of foot stitches to give a deeper, more comfortable fit.
  • Started these June 2013 and finished them some time in early 2014 (possibly Feb or March).
  • These are super comfortable to wear and they are, if I do say so myself, rather stylish!



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