Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday

10 Intentions for 2015

1. I’d like to learn how to do double knitting (that cool technique where you get a reversible fabric with colour-reversed patterning on each side)
2. Play more of the local tourist
3. Sort through my yarn stash and
4. Get rid of quite a bit of it and
5. Not to buy any more “just because” yarn
6. Unearth my sewing machine /fabric and get sewing again
7. Scan all my paperwork and go as paper-free as possible
8. Unsubscribe from email newsletters and services that I just delete without reading
9. Pare down the contents of my wardrobe (with the exception of my best hand made stuff, of course!)
10. And finally, to continue my mindfulness practice.

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4 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday

  1. dirty little secret: simple doubleknitting is basically ribbing, I have done a doubleknit project or two but got a bit bored after I did a giant doubleknit and brioche project


    1. I think I knew that about the ribbing. I’ll give it a go, and see whether or not I like it. It’s only knitting; the worst that can happen is I rip it out!


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