FO Friday: Elven Cloche

FO Friday: Elven Cloche

This is the first in a very long series of posts which are mopping up some un-published finished objects from the last couple of years.

Nb: Sorry about the quality of the photos – they were taken with the front camera of my phone while I was out for a walk!

Some times a pattern and a yarn just fall into place with each other! This black/variegated yarn doesn’t show off the pattern to it’s fullest degree but it was a fun, quick knit and I only had to go shopping in my stash. Win-win!

elven cloche fo2
Elven Cloche – the garter stitch section


Pattern: Elven Cloche by Rosemary (Romi) Hill from The Great Oddments Knitdown eBook. One size.
Yarn and needles: Sirdar Cossack Chunky (67% Acrylic, 30% Wool, 3% Rayon) – discontinued yarn.
88.2 yards, 60 grams 0.6 skeins = 88.2 yards (80.7m) used. 4.5 mm dpns and one 6 mm long circular needle for magic loop.
Dates: 5th – 8th Feb 2014.

elven cloche fo1
This is the “leaf” portion of the hat (no, really. Well, I suppose you’ll just have to trust me then!).



  • No modifications at all, in the actual knitting.
  • Opted not to sew up one side so I have both ears covered at the same time.
  • This hat was made from the remnants of my crocheted Pixie Slippers, and I still have 20 g or so left.



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