FO Friday: Corriedale Boot Socks

FO Friday: Corriedale Boot Socks

I’m really pleased with how these turned out.

PatternGusset Heel Basic Socks (yes, them again!) by Wendy D. Johnson from Sock From The Toe Up [My Ravelry Project Page]

Oh yeah, I rock the Birks and socks look. Rock. It.

Yarn & Needles:

  • Handspun Corriedale wool [part of the Wooly Wonka Fiber 2011 Wine Club] (approx. sport weight). Spun on Bliss TT wheel. Singles: s-twist. Plying: Z-twist Navajo-plied. Worsted short-draw. High twist. Approx. 200 m(?) used. I spun the fibre as I found it; no pre-drafting or splitting to manage the colour.
  • Two 2.75 mm circular needles, 60 cm long for “two circulars” technique.

Dates:  27th Sept –  2nd Oct 2014

Hmmm… gusset ….

Size: To fit 8.5″ circ foot, UK shoe size 6.5

Notes & Mods:

  • This is my favourite sock pattern for sport-weight yarns. I love the way the heel fits and I can (almost) make it with my eyes closed!
  • I went with a very simple K1/P1 rib to give maximum comfort in-boot.
  • You may notice that I’ve shown these with purl-side-out. This is because it’s how I wear the majority of my socks. I have precious snowflake angel soles.
  • The cuff is pretty short, but I don’t like a tall sock for walking/working boots.
  • I made the sock using the inside strand from a centre pull ball but did the heel turn/flap (it’s not really a flap) with the outside strand of yarn. This is partly to preserve the colour sequence but also future-proofing against needing to replace/repair the back heel.
  • The Corriedale is not next-to-the-skin soft, but I’m hoping it will do okay for a hard-wearing outer sock.
In “action” as, ya know, boot socks.

My “pattern” if anyone is interested:

JMCO: 8 sts per needle
Inc EOR to 48 sts (inc = kf/b)
4 rnds st st (inc 1 st centre instep sts last rnd)
1/1 rib, beg w/ p1.
50 rnds to gusset incs
Inc to 44 sts on sole ndl (70 rnds in foot).
Finish heel w/ outside strand. K one half rnd. Break yarn.
K same half rnd again with inside strand.
Work 4 rnds, k back leg sts & 1/1 rib front sts.
On 5th rnd, inc 1 st centre back sts.
40 rnds in leg (all 1/1 rib).

Another languorous look at the heel.

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