FO: Lune Shawl mark 2

FO: Lune Shawl mark 2

I made this out of yarn I spun myself! How awesome is that!?! (Hint: pretty awesome).

Pattern: Lune Shawl by Miriam L Felton from Twist & Knit [My Ravelry Project Page]
Yarn & Needles:

Yarn hand spun from Wooly Wonka Fiber’s “Wine Club 2011”. Cupcake Wines-inspired merino/silk blend in “Summer Breeze” colourway. Worsted short draw singles, Navajo/Chain-plied. Finishing: washed/soaked, dried horizontally (no weight). Approx 300 m.

4mm, 4.5mm and 5mm needles (all circular)

A note on the yarn.

I started spinning the singles on my spindle during Tour de Fleece but realised it would probably take me into next year to finish. I moved to my Bliss TT wheel for the remaining 2/3rds of the fibre. As a result of this, the first third of the yarn is much thinner than the rest. I knew this so I planned to start the shawl with the thinner yarn (on 4 mm needles) and finish with the thicker yarn (on the 5 mm needles).

You can see the change in yarn weight quite well here (thinnest at the top, thickest at the bottom).

My plan was always for a thicker yarn so I’m glad I didn’t do the whole lot on the spindle!


As per my previous Lune Shawl I made the central panel in moss stitch (US: seed st)

Hmmm….. texture …

Used this Yarn Harlot “emergency” crochet cast off so I could use all of my yarn without having to guess how much I needed for the cast off. This is not an elastic cast off. I wouldn’t recommend it for any kind of lacey knitting, but I just about got away with it for this shawl.

You can see the cast off pulling the lower edge.

This is how much yarn I had left!

Phew! Close call!

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