Ten on Tuesday: Freestyle Edition

Ten on Tuesday: Freestyle Edition

Heelllooooooo possums!

Explanations for my extended absence below but I just wanted to say hi first!
This week’s “Ten on Tuesday” topic was “10 cars you’ve owned”. I don’t drive, never had, and I don’t think I’ve even owned ten toy cars, so I’ve decided to just riff!

So, here we go.

10 things I’ve been doing instead of blogging:

  1. Make a lot of chutney. A lot. A lot. Seriously. Anyone want some chutney?
    :whispers: so much chutney.
  2. Also a lot of jam.
  3. So. many. runner. beans.
  4. And courgettes.
  5. Also secret knitting (1 thing I can show you in November, one in January and the third in March!!)
  6. Spinning fibre into pretty yarn!
  7. Getting a weird bug that made me lose 4 kg of weight in 2 weeks. Effective form of weight-loss, but not really recommended!
  8. Caring duties.
  9. Enjoying a rather lovely summer and early autumn (yes, I know it’s only autumn today, shuddup!)
  10. Catching up with some older TV programmes (thank you Netflix*) while knitting secret stuff and spinning not-secret stuff!

And to make up for all of the WORDS today, come back tomorrow for a Wordless Wednesday. Well, that’s the plan. Maybe it’ll be another two months!

Come for the knitting, stay for the infrequent and random posts! 😀

*Not affiliated.


One thought on “Ten on Tuesday: Freestyle Edition

  1. I can’t imagine that the diagram of “people who have owned ten + cars” and “people who like to blog little internet memes” overlaps a great deal.

    I, personally, have owned a grand total of two cars. I suppose I could now lay claim to my husband’s car. Assuming this is a community property state. (NB: check NM state law before advancing nefarious schemes.)


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