Hoar de Fleece: the first week

Hoar de Fleece: the first week

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Following the “fun” of last year’s Tour de Fleece contest over on Ravelry (don’t ask or post-dive if you want to know), the “mean girls” set up our own no-stress, challenge yourself, spin-a-long with Le Tour. Hoar de Fleece!

I hadn’t so much as looked at my spindles or fibre since 2011 but I thought I might as well give spinning another twirl (haha, I’m so punny).

I’m doing pretty well, I think!

Click on any of the individual images above to see the whole photo.


One thought on “Hoar de Fleece: the first week

  1. I don’t understand the connection between the fiber your spinning and the Red Truck Wines. I live right down the road from that winery and I’ve NEVER found any fiber there…


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