A late WIP Wednesday

A late WIP Wednesday

Back pain can really suck the joy out of the day, can’t it? That and the strong pain killers I took combined with lack of sleep from the night before made me very much zombiefied. Anyway…

Here’s the beaded shawl;


No progress on this for a couple of weeks now due to Other Things.

Here’s the tapestry. Not going to finish it before the end of the month!

I cast on another pair of socks for my dad (he chose the yarn!)

And here’s a shot from a few days ago, in better light;

And lastly;

Attempt number two at learning to drive will begin soon!

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3 thoughts on “A late WIP Wednesday

  1. Crikey, your dad likes his socks glow in the dark! Good for him.

    Good luck learning to drive. It’s a skill that takes practice so don’t get discouraged. Keep plugging away. I mean anyone that can knit as well as you can certainly operate a vehicle.


    1. Thanks for the encouragement! As soon as I recover from this cold, I’ll start looking for an instructor. And yes, my dad is not afraid of colour! But this is a man who got married in a grey suit with a pink shirt, so that gives you a clue!


  2. Love your dad’s new socks!!! I can see lots of progress on the tapestry and the beading is lovely.
    Good luck with your driving lessons, I was quite old, 19, before I got my licence. I was pretty sure I would never be able to drive. I was wrong!!!


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