A quick couple of questions

A quick couple of questions

I’ve been busy with things I can’t share yet (but soon, my pretties, soon…) so here’s a quick informal poll:

Ironing bedding; yes or no?
Ironing underwear; yes or no?

I am on one side of this question and a friend (who doesn’t read the blog) is on the other. If you know me, you can probably have a guess which team I’m backing!

Definitive answers in the comments, please!

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6 thoughts on “A quick couple of questions

  1. I haven’t ironed anything for a good 6 years, not even shirts. The wife sometimes forces me to have a shirt ironed but I so rarely wear them, it probably doesn’t count. If the gods didn’t want us to have creases… etc


  2. Life is too short and too full of wonderful things to waste it on ironing bedding or underwear. I don’t even own any clothing that needs to be ironed! I will however press when making quilts.


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