Ten on Tuesday; “I feel… “

Ten on Tuesday; “I feel… “

I haven’t participated in a ToT in a long time. Nothing really took my fancy for a while, but I really like these free-form questions of late.

I feel…
1. Better than I have in a very long time, both physically and mentally. 2. Very lucky to have a roof over my head, clean drinking water and a free voice.
3. Pretty confident in my knitting ability, but I always like trying new things and testing myself.
4. That I’d really like a pet, but I can’t think of one that would suit my lifestyle and the space I have available.
5. More comfortable in my own skin than I used to.
6. That I’m glad I’m not a teenager living now with the ability to spout my stupid and ill-advised opinions in public via social media.
7. More optimistic, overall, than pessimistic about the way the world is going. Sometimes it’s a very close-run thing.
8. Happy that I have my views and opinions challenged thanks to my imaginary internet friends, and that they’ve allowed me to grow as a person.
9. Uncomfortable living where I do, and I’d like to move, but I’m trying to make the best of it while I can’t.
10. That the internet can be used for the betterment of everyone, if only it can be allowed to be free and uncensored.

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2 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday; “I feel… “

  1. Oh yes, there was little public damage I could have done in my teens opinion-wise!! It is very nice to feel good in your own skin, and I think that only comes with time. Great that you are feeling well!!


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