Showing my backside

Showing my backside

Or rather, the back side of my cross stitch. Cheeky!


Not very neat, but not too bad.
I always like seeing the “wrong” side of things; inside knitted items, behind curtains, secret rooms. I often think those things are very interesting and can often tell you a lot about how things work or how they are put together.

While I was stitching this flower bookmark I noticed one portion of it looked a bit like an anatomical heart. What do you think?

I <3 cross stitch
I less-than-three cross stitch

In knitting news, here’s where I’m up to on the mystery hat;

wpid-DSC_0075.jpgThat’s a whole lotta hat. In fact, I’m pretty sure I’m going to run out of yarn before I’ve finished the decreases. I may have to rip out to before the crown shaping and take some of the length out of it. Stay tuned for how this thrilling event pans out!

2 thoughts on “Showing my backside

  1. You made me buy that hat pattern, I know MrsDrWho will like it. Yes, it does look like an anatomical heart and I always look inside dressed and knits too!!


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