Preparation, preparation, preparation

Preparation, preparation, preparation

After a while, it stops looking like a real word; preparation preparation preparation preparation preparation preparation.

Anyway, as in stir fry cooking, so in embroidery (and life, I suppose).

My prep for any cross stitch project.
My prep for any cross stitch project.

This is another bookmark I’ll be working on soon. I have separated the strands of cotton ready for working (held with a slip knot to help prevent tangling). I’ve also marked the symbols next to the cotton thread for easy reference. Also peeking from under the card you can see the chart, on which I have highlighted, in pink, one of the colours. I will go through and similarly mark the other colours (or as many colours I have highlighter pens anyway!).

All of this helps me keep track of what to stitch where. It isn’t an infalible system, but it works for me.

You can see the same thing in the Shaun the Sheep bookmark which I have nearly finished;

Shaun with wonky backstitch
Shaun with wonky backstitch

I need to work on my backstitch technique. I know it looks OK from this distance, but close-up it is not great! I’ve still got a bit more backstitch outlining to do and then sew on the backing and then it’s done! So at least 1 person is getting 1 present this Giftmas!

12 days x stitch progress 20 Nov 2013Much better, don’t you think?! It actually looks like a pine tree instead of a dead, crispy pine tree in the desert! I’ll try and get a better shot of the sparkly fabric at some point. It’s really … sparkly.


4 thoughts on “Preparation, preparation, preparation

  1. One thing I enjoy about cross stitching is organising the threads and putting them into the card key (it sounds a bit sad but trying to decide between 4 different shades of pink can be a bit of a puzzle).


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