FO: Lune shawl

FO: Lune shawl

This should have auto-published yesterday. :sigh: Saturday’s post will be forthcoming…
Lune Shawl FO collage

Pattern: Lune Shawl by Miriam L. Felton

Yarn: Patons North America Classic Wool Tweeds hand dyed for me by KnittingKnadie as part of the Zombie Apocalypse Preparedness Swap 2011. Approx. 500 yds used.


  • Worked in worsted weight yarn
  • Central panel worked in moss (US: seed) stitch to enhance the tweed yarn
  • I love this shawl. It sits really well on the shoulders and is very warm
  • It isn’t an easy brain-off pattern due to the spiralling increases.

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