Latvian Braid

Latvian Braid

I know I’ve done this kind of braid before, but I can’t for the life remember where or when. Anyway, I used these instructions and just went for it.
This is the braid on the second mitten. Well, this is the second attempt of the second braid. The second braid went much better than the first attempt because I actually followed my own instructions and didn’t forget the set-up row!

Latvian braid triptychIt was pretty unnerving to see the yarn twisting up like that and, on the first mitten, I untwisted it after I’d completed the first round. Mistake. FYI: it gets untwisted in the next round!

And here is where I was up to when I took this photo. Helpful, aren’t I?!

mini argyle mittens in progress 4th Nov 2013

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