FO: Van Dyke Knee Socks

FO: Van Dyke Knee Socks

Van Dyke Knee-high Socks
Van Dyke Knee-high Socks

Pattern: Van Dyke socks [Ravelry link] by Wendy Johnson from Socks from the Toe Up

Yarn/needles: Zauberball 6-ply (DK weight) 150 g used (purchased from Purl City Yarns). 3 mm bamboo DPNs.


  • Most obvious one is making them knee high! I had no plan for the increases, I just did them on the fly.
  • Ran out of yarn before the second sock was finished so ripped out the top of sock 1 and used that to finish sock 2.
  • These didn’t take as long to knit as I thought they would. Sure, it was a slog but I think the lace pattering helped because I was always “Just x more rows and another pattern repeat is finished!”.
  • I fully expect this yarn to be pretty hard-wearing.
  • I split the yarn into 2 balls before starting.
  • I worked the heel turns from the end of the ball ball for sock 1, but forgot to leave enough yarn to do the same for sock 2. Hence running out of yarn!
  • Had to use about a yard/metre of other DK yarn to cast off that last few stitches of one of the socks. I don’t think anyone will notice!

One thought on “FO: Van Dyke Knee Socks

  1. I am waiting for a Highland fling!! Fabulous socks, the colours are great and I agree that the lace pattern would have helped. I have stolen the top of some sock to finish the toe of another. We live dangerous knitting lives, we’re on the edge!!!


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