Well, that’s embarrassing

Well, that’s embarrassing

No new blog posts since July?!? The reasons are rather prosaic and involve have a pretty good time over the summer and an almost uninterrupted period of ill health since the start of the autumn. Because that’s how I roll?!

Lately, I’ve been distracted with my first craft; cross stitch.

Thanks to some horrible enablers on Facebook, I fell in love with The Frosted Pumpkin Stitchery’s stitch-a-longs and signed up for the Autumn Sampler. All 5 clues have been released, but I’m plodding along at my own pace.

Autumn Sampler progress Not put off by my slow stitching, I’ve also bought the 12 Days of Christmas pattern (due to start at the end of November).

I have been knitting. Somethings you will be seeing soon, others you will be seeing later!

I’ve made a Mini Argyle beret

Mini Argyle Beret
The editing software on my phone has filters. Be grateful I didn’t share the 70’s psychedelia experimentation.

And one matching mitten (mitten my own pattern).

Mini Argyle Mitten
Check out the Latvian braid on that mitten!

The other one is under way. I’m aiming for a cowl to compete the set. We shall see.

I will be back tomorrow because I’m hoping to manage another round of NaBloPoMo.


One thought on “Well, that’s embarrassing

  1. Ahh, cross stitch. I love it, but I can’t stitch and read/watch TV/use iPad. The last thing I stitched was David Tennant for MrsDrWho. I am glad you have had some good times, but the ill-health is horrid. Nice beret and mitten. One hand will just be cold?? Your least favourite I expect. Christmas is so close.


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