The long and short of it

The long and short of it


“Surely it is folly to knit knee wool socks in July in the Northern Hemisphere”, I hear you say.
“Nay!” I reply (because apparently this heatwave has made me go all posh) “for come winter I shall have toasty warm calves and ye shall not!”

No, seriously, I don’t think this heat is doing anything for my brain. For my joints and general well-being, only good things though.


3 thoughts on “The long and short of it

  1. You are very lucky that the heat makes your joints feel better, and makes you feel better all around. It does just the opposite for me! So I’m glad that it’s benefiting someone, as I try to endure and survive through it!


  2. The heat is evil, I say, evil and bad and horrid and awful. It was 16 here today and we are in the middle of Winter. The weather is all weird. I hope you are cool soon. Love your socks. Socks are a good thing to knit in Summer because they are little, well usually!!!


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