Pattern: Rosita cosies in Knit Now issue 20

Pattern: Rosita cosies in Knit Now issue 20

Long time no blog! It’s difficult blogging when everything I’m doing is under embargo! Well, here’s what I was doing in December and January which I couldn’t talk about!

I managed to squeeze 5 items out of 100 g of yarn (8-cup cafetiere/French Press cosy not pictured). Not bad, huh?

For this design I was inspired by two things; a husband-and-wife designing team and a love of hot coffee. Tai and Rosita Missoni’s love of fabrics with chevrons of varying widths gave me the idea for the stitch pattern, and the recent purchase of a cafetiere which doesn’t always retain it’s heat lead me to the design. I chose midnight-blue and fawn-cream colours to lend a French bistro feel to the designs, but I think these items would also look great in bright, sunny colours.
Knit Now issue 20 is available from newsagents and supermarkets UK-wide and via Apple’s App store for all i-devices.

Milla Mia Naturally Soft Merino in Colours Fawn (106) and Midnight (101)

Approx. meters used for each item.
8-Cup Cafetiere Cosy: 54 m each colour
2-Cup Cafetiere Cosy: 23 m each colour
Coaster: 10 m each colour
Coffee Sleeve: 17 m each colour
Mug Hug: 20 m each colour


One thought on “Pattern: Rosita cosies in Knit Now issue 20

  1. Oh how lovely!! The stripes are very Missoni and it is amazing how a little wool really does keep the warmth in the pot. Hope your coffee tastes twice as nice!!


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