And then it was December…

And then it was December…

I think it’s safe to say that the end of the year has sneaked up on me. To be fair, I don’t remember great swathes of 2012 so it’s not very surprising.

I didn’t managed to knit a sweater within the month of November, but I wasn’t far off:

The home stretch?
The home stretch?

Yes, it’s lacking sleeves. And a hem. And buttons. But technically, you could wear it. Sort of.

Also, pockets!

Pocketsseesssss.... my precisoussssss
Pocketsseesssss…. my precisoussssss. Also, I hope this blocks out because Holy Puckering Batman!

And I’m just 1 repeat away from the toe on the first Moody Stocking:


Oh, and the designer called it Moody Stockings not because they are in a bad mood but rather named after the character “Mad Eye” Moody from the Harry Potter wotsits.

My depression/de-realisation is still pretty bad but I’ve got very good at pretending everything is okay. That’s why I’m mentioning it because re-reading what I’ve just written, even I think I sound fine. I’m not.


One thought on “And then it was December…

  1. aaaawwww I wish I could give you a big giant hug ='( and just cry with you and tell you that everything is going to be ok… eventually – know this, my friend, you are very much loved and there is all sorts of support here for you. One way or another, you’re going to get through this. The fact that you can still knit delicate complicated stuff says all your brain cells are working, they just still need a little rest. All those theta waves are helping you heal. Love you!


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