As has happened all this week, the morning started out well and then it all crumbled in the afternoon and now I’m just clinging on. I don’t know why (specifically. Generally I know what’s wrong) and as a result I’ve not really planned a post for today.

Obviously, I’m not going to finish Cria in time for the end of today, the end of NaKniSweMo. I’ll do tomorrow’s post early on so it will have proper photos and everything.

For today, here’s my jewellery box that my dad made for me and my mum decorated.

2012-10-10 12.21.38

One thought on “Friday

  1. Very cool jewelry box. =)
    As for the crumbly afternoons, distractions are nice when things go all crumbly, and if I keep saying crumbly it makes me think of crumb cake. But seriously… distractions like squirrels and comedy, something random you start before afternoon gets there so that by the time it’s time for crumbly stuff, it’s evening and you didn’t notice that afternoon came and went. Like reading this excessively lengthy comment full of drivel will probably take two days, and it’ll never make any sense, so it’s a perfect distraction. Like a Douglas Adams series of novels, such random stuff, like chasing couches around a planet, or that robot that’s so depressed or that time the main character fell down and got distracted and realized he could fly, so he and his girlfriend flew around all over the place alarming several people looking out the windows of jet planes.
    (It’s a good thing I don’t take Ambien)
    ❤ u!


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